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Questions of Faith: Why does it seem that the wicked prosper?

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Why does it appear that the wicked prosper?

The answer to the question is given in multiple different books of the Scriptures. We learn that the wicked do not prosper in the long term although in the immediate it may seem like they prosper. We learn from several authors of the books of the Scripture that tell us that individuals are given the ability to choose if they will honor, have faith, and trust GOD or follow other beliefs considered idolatry. We learn that GOD is able to show that while it may appear that the wicked prosper, this is only a consolation.

Answers given to Moses

The answered given to Moses tell that GOD is Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, among other qualities that human beings cannot understand. We learn that GOD tells Moses that “He will be merciful with whom He chooses to be merciful.” Meaning that GOD chooses whom He favors. In the examples of Jacob and Esau, we learn that GOD shows us that He reserves the firstborn blessings to Jacob instead of Esau. We also read that GOD states that He loves Jacob. Also that He hates Esau. We learn that this is something that tells us why GOD is faithful to those He shows steadfast love and why He hates those that hate GOD.

To some the answer may seem to infer that there are people that are elect. This meaning that they are pre-destined for salvation while other individuals are not. This is seen in Calvinism where individuals
who are righteous display qualities that show that they are part of those that will be saved or are already saved. Since GOD creates time, in the ability to understand, GOD could have already decided who was
saved based on knowing everything, past, present, and future.

Answers given to Job

The answer given to Job is a series of questions that tell us that GOD is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent among other qualities that the human mind cannot understand. We learn that we are able to see how GOD is able to provide for Job His presence and ask Job questions to see if Job can answer
them. We learn that through the difficulties, Job is unable to answer questions and remains silent. We learn that GOD acknowledges Job’s righteousness and that Job has done no wrong. To this GOD
acknowledges Job’s righteousness but gives Job twice as much as Job had lost previously. We learn that GOD uses Job as an example of a human who is righteous before all creation regardless of

Answers given to David

In the Psalms of David, we learn about the difficulties that David encounters when He is trying to remain safe from the men of Saul. We learn that David trusts in GOD and GOD provides protection through the help of Saul’s son and also through GOD’s protection. We learn that while it appeared that those who wronged David were guiltless and were able to continue, GOD shows David that would not be the case. We learn that through the Psalms, David understands that GOD is delivering David from difficulties. We learn that the Psalms show us how David is able to withstand the difficulties because His trust for GOD is greater.

Answers given to Solomon

Solomon was blessed with wisdom, riches, and peace in the kingdom by GOD. We learn that through everything that Solomon receives, GOD tells Solomon to follow the commandments. We learn through the writings of Solomon that those individuals who fear GOD and follow the commandments would be able to be protected and allowed to be refuged by GOD. We learn that while the wicked appeared to prosper and extend their life by sinning, they were not extending their life. Solomon concludes that it is better for those that follow the commandments of GOD and fear GOD.

Answers given to Jeremiah

To Jeremiah, the question is answered with another question similar to the questions that He gives to Job. These questions remind us that GOD is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent, among other qualities that the human mind cannot understand. We also learn that GOD tells Jeremiah that the wicked would not prosper and that they would experience difficulties by being defeated by another nation for sinning. We learn through Jeremiah the prophesies that would become a reality during the time of Daniel and Ezekiel a few years later. We are able to see that what GOD states, is what happens.

The conclusion is that the wicked do not prosper. While it may appear due to the appearance of material gain and connections and other pleasures of life, we learn that sin does not allow for the individuals to prosper in the long term. This is confirmed through other specific books in the Gospel for those that are
righteous and those that are wicked. We learn that the distinction is important because while the righteous may go through increased difficulties in life compared to the wicked, their righteousness guides them to eternal life and necessities being met. For this reason being a Christian is of a greater
difficulty than other beliefs, but even through it all GOD promises to guide us and allow us an understanding of truth.

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