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Questions of Faith: How do I begin reading Scripture?

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How do I begin reading Scripture?

The most important advice for beginners is to understand the Main Idea of Scripture. While there are specific details that help reinforce the main idea, the main idea is very important. Scripture tells us that there is a GOD who is in control of all the events that occur in history. We are able to learn that there is nothing that occurs without GOD deciding if the event will occur. We know that GOD is in control
regardless of the deception or beliefs of others. There is nothing that can change GOD’s decision or that can affect GOD’s infinite and eternal character. Because of this, we know that Scripture is truth. We
know that what GOD has decided has been decided. We learn this through the promises of GOD to Abraham, we learn of this through the creation of Israel, we know this through the deliverance of Israel from Egypt, we learn of this through the taking of the land of Canaan for Israel, we learn of this through the promises of Jesus Christ, and we learn of this through the Spirit of Truth.

We know that GOD is in control of history. We are able to believe this in faith and allow GOD to show us how the events occur. When we learn Scripture, we begin to see coincidences from GOD that attest
to GOD’s infinite and eternal character. We learn that there is no other GOD. We learn that GOD is in control of everything that happens. We are able to be at peace knowing that GOD has everything under
control. We as humans are able to understand this if we ask GOD for guidance and for the ability to understand the Scriptures through the Spirit of Truth.
The other point is that the beginning of creation was meant for humanity to live at peace in Paradise.

Disobedience changes this and causes all the difficulties that life has. Even through this, GOD shows believers that He is able to give peace and blessings wherever GOD is present. If GOD is not present in
a society, that society is destroyed like in the days of Lot or the days of Noah. We are able to understand that if GOD is present in a society or country, GOD blesses that country. If GOD is not present in t society or country, the country will not thrive.

We learn that because of the consequences of sin, Jesus Christ is sent to save the world from the destruction of sin. We learn that Jesus Christ became a high priest, temple, and atoning sacrifice all in one when He went to the cross and was Resurrected on the third day. We’re learn that Jesus Christ is a Savior and that He was sent to save mankind from sin. After Jesus Christ obeyed GOD, He was seated to the Right Hand Side of GOD. Jesus Christ is awaiting to return to judge earth and create a new heaven and a new earth. We are able to be at peace knowing that Jesus Christ knows those that are
believers and those that are not believers.
Once Jesus Christ creates the new earth and the new heaven, we learn that GOD will allow the righteous to live in a greater Paradise than the first paradise. While the first paradise was emptied from humans because of their sin, the new paradise will be filled with righteous believers and will be given blessings immeasurable for having resisted sin and obeyed GOD in righteousness.

For this reason, there are several methods of reading the Scriptures.

1) Genesis to Revelation
This method allows individuals to understand the chronological order of events while keeping
in mind the main points described.

2) New Testament and then Old Testament
This method allows individuals to see the relevance of the promises of Jesus Christ and the ability of Jesus to save. From there, they can learn about the promises of Old Testament that describe Jesus Christ prior to New Testament writings.

3) Revelation then Genesis in Chronological Order
This method allows individuals to see the times that we are living in and reassure them that GOD is in control of history. This allows individuals to understand that the end of the Church age correlates with events that were described by Jesus Christ in New Testament writings and
also in Revelation.

4) Genesis, Exodus, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah, New Testament
This method allows us to see the beginning of creation and the promises of GOD from Abraham to Jesus Christ. This is a condensed version of the Scripture but allows us to understand the main points. After Exodus, the people obtain the Promised Land but do not keep their promises to GOD. They sin and do not walk in faith. They commit idolatry. The prophets are sent to tell the people to repent of sin and show the grace of GOD. When the people do not repent, exiles
occur. GOD creates a remnant of believers who are returned back to their land. Instead of repenting, the people continue sinning and a second exile or scattering occurs. This after the New Testament. The New Testament tells of the promises of GOD of sending a shepherd that would lead the people to GOD. We are told of Jesus Christ in Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Isaiah. In the New Testament we learn about the events of Jesus Chris’s life and we learn that he is awaiting to return to earth to judge and create a new earth and new heaven. As a believer, we have the choice to believe in Jesus Christ or not believe in the Jesus Christ.

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