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Questions of Faith: What is the book of Revelation and why is it difficult to understand?

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Why is Revelation difficult to understand?

Revelation is difficult to understand because the book is not written in chronological order and there are metaphors and symbols used to explain the events. We learn that if we pray for the Spirit of Truth to guide us in the interpretation of Revelation, we are able to get an understanding of the events that
occur. We are able to understand that the events of Revelation are set in the future before the end of times when Jesus Christ returns to judge the wicked. We learn that through the difficulties that exist in the world, GOD is paying attention to everything that is happening. GOD has already written history and gave John the ability to learn about the events that would occur at the end of the age. We learn that through the difficulties that exist in Revelation, we are to keep faith that Jesus Christ has already conquered on the cross. Jesus Christ was made victorious 2,000 years ago and is seated at the Right Hand Side of GOD.

We are awaiting for Jesus Christ to return in order to judge wickedness and create the new earth and the new heaven. We are able to see that GOD is able to provide for us even during the difficult times of the end of the ages. We are able to see that GOD tells John specifically what would happen during the end of the ages. We learn that there would be different churches that would either obey GOD or would not obey GOD. We are given warnings that should be taken into account. GOD tells the people to not practice sexual immorality or to practice idolatry. GOD does not want people to follow the paths of the world but wants us to be pure. We also learn that GOD tells us that Jesus Christ is going to return and defeat His enemies.

We are told that even through the difficulties that exist at the end of the ages, GOD is protecting and defending us through our faith in GOD. We are to remain full of faith and believe the promises of GOD. We learn that Jesus Christ or an angel of Jesus Christ tells John several sequence of events that allow us to
conclude that GOD wants His faithful believers to endure even through the difficulties. We know that for Christian believers who are faithful, they will be delivered from the “hour of trial” that signifies the Great Tribulation. We also know that for some, there is persecution. Even through these difficulties, we
are to remain trusting in GOD.

We are also told that those that are wicked will continue to live wickedly through the end of the ages. We are not supposed to be a part of the wicked. We can learn that GOD wants us to be different from the world and to continue to be faithful to GOD. We are able to understand that through the difficulties, GOD is aware of everything that is happening. We know that there will be judgment by GOD against those that oppose GOD and those that hate GOD. This is the reason for the end of the ages. We are to remain at peace knowing that all the events have been foretold by Jesus Christ in the Gospel, by the prophets in the Old Testament, and by John who wrote what the angel of Jesus Christ told him to write. We are to remain faithful to the promises of GOD. We are able to understand that even with all the difficulties that exist, we are to remain faithful. Like Jesus Christ states, the Great Tribulation is a time
of testing to see who truly believes in GOD and who does not. The most important point of Revelation is that GOD has already decided history from the beginning to
the end of this earth. We are going to have a new earth and new heavens once Jesus Christ returns.

We are to pay attention to the promises of GOD and not to the distractions, deceptions, and lies. We are to place our faith in GOD, Jesus Christ, the Spirit of Truth, Scripture, faith, and the Ten Commandments.

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