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Questions of Faith: Why are there different churches instead of One Church of Jesus Christ?

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Why are there different Churches instead of One Church of Jesus Christ?

There are different Churches because there are different beliefs and interpretations of Scripture. While
GOD does not intend for us to be divided, we learn that GOD wants us to be united in our belief in Jesus Christ. We are able to see that GOD wants us to be a unified Church that places Jesus Christ at
the center of worship. We learn that there are different interpretations through out the ages. We are to be mindful of the differences, but place our importance on the glorification of GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth.

While there are not only different denominations of Churches, there are multiple Churches within a denomination. We are able to learn that even through the different types of Churches that exist, GOD
wants us to be able to worship as one Church of Jesus Christ. We are reminded that all churches that are able to confess Jesus Christ as the Messiah are churches that speak from the Spirit of Truth.

We know that there are other churches that do not confess Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior which could mean that the Churches do not have the Spirit of Truth.
We know from Scriptures that Paul would travel through different cities and countries in order to preach to people that were in different belief systems. Paul was able to convert them and allow for the people to learn about Jesus Christ. We are able to see that Paul was attempting to unite believers by his writings that stated that believers were to live as one church and they were all working together for the
glory of Jesus Christ. We learn that even through this, we can see that Jesus Christ wants unity in the church instead of division. We read of different interpretations that can cause differences, but the most important point is that we serve Jesus Christ, our LORD and Savior.

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