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Questions of Faith: Why did the Apostles, Disciples, and Prophets have to go through testing?

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Why did the Apostles, Disciples, and Prophets have to go through testing?

Testing allows us to know if we truly serve GOD or if we only say we serve GOD. We learn that through testing, we are able to see if we truly follow GOD or if we do not. We learn that through our difficulties we usually go to GOD or do we go to other beliefs. Do we truly believe in GOD or do we say that we believe in GOD? With testing, we are able to see if we truly believe in what we read and preach. We know that there are difficulties for both believers and non-believers, but that GOD is able to help believers when they have faith.

We see different examples in the Scriptures of how believers from the time of Abraham to the time of Jesus were able to access the promises of GOD through faith. We know that we are to have faith, if we want to live a godly life that allows us to learn from Scripture and GOD. We are able to be able to grow as individuals and able to grow as believers. We learn that GOD is able to see the choices that we make and with what intention we make choices. We know that this allows GOD to know who are truly righteous and who are wicked.

By allowing testing to believers, we are able to gain strength in our belief. We learn that Jesus Christ did experience difficulties but GOD was able to help him through them all. We learn that Peter and Paul among the disciples also experienced difficulties, yet GOD was able to help them through it all.

We are reminded that we are to go to GOD and to pray and to follow what GOD has stated. We are able to continue not only as believers but also as those who will inherit the Kingdom of GOD if we endure. For this reason, we are to remain content and faithful while praying to GOD for everything and in everything.

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