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Questions of Faith: Why is prayer important in the life of a Christian?

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Why is prayer important in the life of a Christian?

Prayer is the manner in which we are able to allow GOD to hear our requests, praise, and our thoughts while we make time out of our day to serve GOD. We know that prayer is something that all believers must be able to do since it allows us to speak directly to GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth. We learn that GOD is able to hear us because in Scripture, there are multiple verses that state that GOD is
listening to the prayer of those that are believers.

We learn about these instances in both the time of Moses and the time of Jesus. We learn that GOD is able to hear our requests and our praises and our difficulties. GOD is able to then work and help us when we have specific requests. We learn that the people of Israel prayed to GOD in order to be rescued from Egypt. We learn from the book of Exodus that the people of Israel pray to GOD. GOD is able to hear the people’s prayers, and the people are rescued by GOD through Moses and Aaron. We also learn in the books of the Prophets that GOD listens to the prayers of His believers. We know that there are those that are just and righteous. GOD listens to the prayers of faithful individuals. Because of this, GOD is able to know what His believers are going through from their perspective in addition to the ability to see everything.

We are able to know that GOD listened to Jesus through His difficulties and rescued him and allowed him to receive eternal life through the Resurrection. We know that the apostles and disciples are also given the ability to be heard for their prayers. We learn that both Jewish and Gentile believers were found when the apostles and disciples preached. We learn that GOD protected and provided to the disciples during their preaching. While reading Scripture and living in faith are important, we know that prayer is another important need that Christians can do to live by faith.

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