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Questions of Faith: What is faith?

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What is faith?

Faith is the belief in the ability for GOD to help and deliver us when we believe. We are reminded that the prophets, apostles, and disciples all had faith when believing GOD. We are able to understand that GOD wants us to have the ability to believe in not only Scripture, the Ten Commandments, and in His Son Jesus Christ, but that we are also supposed to have faith.

Faith is the ability to understand that GOD exists and is in control of everything that happens in the world. We are able to see that GOD is able to give us the confidence in knowing that GOD is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent, among other qualities that the human mind cannot understand. We are able to see that GOD is able to deliver us and show us through Scripture that He is able to not only write history but show us that He is present in our daily lives. We see examples of this in numerous examples in the Scriptures.

We know that through the difficulties that exist in the world, GOD is able to see and provide for those that believe in His word. We are able to understand that GOD is able to help those that are His and those that trust the truth of the word of GOD. We learn that there are specific promises given to Abraham and to the lineage of Israel that would occur through Jesus Christ. We learn that all of this has already occurred, and gives us understanding that GOD has created history for Jesus Christ and for the fulfillment of our ability to live in Heaven.

While during our days in earth there are beliefs that are different or contrary to faith, we are reminded that we have to continue having faith in the GOD that has given us eternal life through His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ. We are able to understand that even through the difficulties, we have the ability to continue showing our faith in our belief. We are able to learn about different individuals within the Scriptures that were able to display faith and GOD was able to work through them and show others the importance of faith in GOD.

We learn that Moses and Jesus Christ are two examples of individuals that were able to have faith in GOD and were able to show others how GOD works in faith. We see through Moses that Israel is able to learn about the manner in which GOD wants us to have faith. GOD does not want us to be faithless or to believe in other ideas that are not related to the Scriptures. We learn that even when we go through difficulties, GOD is there to support us and help us through everything.

Jesus Christ was also able to show individuals in Israel and specifically, the apostles and disciples, that individuals needed to have faith. We are reminded that GOD is telling us that we need to have faith in order to continue throughout the difficulties that arise in our lives. Moses was able to show faith through the belief in GOD in liberating the people out of Egypt. Jesus Christ was showing faith by trusting in GOD and allowing the people of Israel to be liberated from sin. We are able to see that both examples allow us to know that GOD wants us to have faith regardless of the circumstances that exist in the world. We are being taught that we can learn even through all the difficulties, and GOD wants us to understand that we are capable of learning Scripture.

There are other examples that allow us to understand that faith is necessary in order to continue being a Christian and a believer in Jesus Christ. We learned from GOD that we are able to continue through our belief and faith. While there may be difficulties, we learn that Jesus Christ is able to provide us with the understanding to learn about Scripture and about how we can have belief through life. When we read throughout the different Scriptures, we learn that individuals of faith were able to change not only their community and generations, but were able to show that they were of GOD. Even with the difficulties, they were able to prove that GOD exists, Scripture is real, and that we are able to know that GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth are Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, among qualities that the human mind cannot understand, eternal, and infinite. We can learn that it is through faith that we are able to continue.

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