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Questions of Faith: What is Truth?

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What is Truth?

Truth is the reality that exists that is created by GOD. We see that there is only truth and that reality exists based on the truth that has been created by GOD. We learn that while individuals attempt to
create alternative realities with lies and deception, we know that the truth of GOD is the only real reality. We learn that through the difficulties that exist, we are made to believe lies or half truths that are not reality. We learn from the Scriptures that the world was created based on the word of GOD.

We learn that GOD was able to breath the world into existence and was able to write history from the very beginning in Genesis. We learn that GOD is able to provide us with the ability to understand truth. We learn that truth is difficult to understand because it is reality and can be difficult to know. We learn that the Scriptures of GOD are based on truth and allow us to know that GOD created Creation and is able to provide for His Creation. We learn that the first believers in GOD from Abraham to Joseph were able to praise GOD and see the reality of the world and acknowledge that reality.

We learn that through the years there were people of faith who understood the Scriptures of GOD and made sure to give GOD reverence and worship. We learn that GOD was able to provide signs, visions, and dreams to individuals in order for them to preach to the world. We learn that the preaching of truth was one of the most important things that individuals did. The prophets were able to preach to different regions within Israel and then even in the world so that individuals could know truth.

We learn that Jesus Christ spoke truth to the world when He arrived to earth and was able to convert individuals to Christianity. We are able to see that individuals who believed in Jesus Christ were given eternal life through the truth that was spoken in Scripture by GOD. We learn that the prophets were sent to preach about a future individual who would save Israel and the world. We are able to understand that Jesus Christ is that individual who fulfilled all the promises that GOD had promised to the people of Israel and the people of the world. We are able to see that through Jesus Christ, people were able to learn truth. We are told by Jesus Christ that there would be deception in the last days.

We learn that there is the Great Tribulation that happens after the closing of the Church Age. We are able to see that during that time span individuals are given the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ and the truth that exists in Scripture before the beginning of the Great Tribulation. While individuals are still able to learn about truth in the Great Tribulation, we are able to learn that the time of the Great Tribulation will be difficult. There will be difficulties ranging from natural events to wars to lack of resources. We need to understand that GOD is giving us the ability to learn about Jesus Christ prior to the beginning of those events. Through the ability to learn about truth in the Scriptures recognizing that Jesus Christ is salvation and that He gave himself on the cross in order to give us eternal life, we are able to obtain eternal life. We are able to learn that Jesus Christ is giving us the ability to decide if we want to accept GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth as our LORD and Savior or if we do not want to.

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