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Questions of Faith: The Old Testament is used to disprove of Christianity, what has changed?

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The Old Testament is used to disprove of Christianity, what has changed?

The Old Testament must be understood in context with the progression of civilization through the initial time period that is mentioned. If we attempt to learn Old Testament events through 2021 lens we will not understand the meaning of the Old Testament. We need to understand the people did not live in cities, did not have all the amenities and technology, did not have post-modern philosophies. They had GOD and that was enough and that is enough.

So when we read Old Testament, we need to understand that this was two thousand years before Jesus Christ arrived to earth. This is four thousand years from 2021 roughly. Based on this, we know that GOD is the Creator, GOD decided for Abraham to obtain blessings based on his faith and GOD’s grace, and we see that GOD is protecting His believers. We learn that through the difficulties that exist, GOD is able to provide and guide His believers to abundance, safety, and blessings. We know that the individuals are able to have families with increased descendants, the Promised Land, spiritual blessings, and abundance in material resources like flocks. We learn that all of this is through the love of GOD and the grace that GOD provides for those that are true believers.

We also know that there were rules that the believers needed to follow in order to continue experiencing blessings. We learn of the Ten Commandments that allow us to know that GOD is also providing protection through His rules. Through the rules, people were able to continue living peaceful lives. We learn that the number of rules increased based on the wickedness of people. We learn that GOD intended to only have the Ten Commandments in order to provide protection to His believers from beliefs that were not conducive to a civilized society. We learn that GOD is able to provide peace when He is part of society. Whenever a nation or society forsakes GOD, GOD forsakes that nation or society.

We learn this through the exiles of Israel which show that even Israel needed to pay attention to the commands of GOD and to have faith and to repent from sin. We learn that GOD would allow Israel to repent of their sins, but that they would go through exiles due to their sins. We know that while there are specific rules and guidelines in those times, we need to understand that the main idea was for people to have faith in GOD, trust GOD, and obey GOD’s commandments. We learn that even when the people did not obey GOD, GOD provided grace and showed mercy to individuals. This allows us to see that GOD was giving individuals the ability to understand the belief in GOD. GOD was being the center of communities in those times. For this reason, GOD blessed the individuals with peace, protection, spiritual blessings, and the ability to maintain the Promised Land that they had obtained from the surrounding nations. We learn that even through it all, GOD wants us to be able to live lives that worship GOD and that trust in the GOD of Creation. In the New Testament, GOD allowed for us to be saved through not the atonement from the high priests but by Jesus Christ who atoned for us through His death on the cross and the Resurrection that occurred three days after.

We know that even through all the events, Jesus Christ was allowed to gain eternal life and to give us eternal life when we believe in Jesus. We know that GOD is able to provide for us not only the material blessings but most importantly the spiritual blessings and eternal life. We learn that through all the events in the Old Testament, we are to acknowledge that the events were due to GOD providing protection to individuals. He then decided to change the First Covenant to the Second Covenant based on Jesus Christ. While there are some rules or some beliefs that may have changed from the Old Testament, we need to read those Scriptures in a manner that allows us to understand the progress that people were having in faith.

We learn that GOD allows for spiritual progression in believing absolute truths that GOD created. We know that no one is able to be born with all the knowledge of GOD, but we are able to progress spiritually based on the belief in GOD. When we have belief in GOD, we are able to grow in our faith. We learn that GOD is able to provide for us understanding if we choose to have faith in GOD. Similarly, we need to understand that the Old Testament rules were in order to allow individuals the ability to believe in GOD while protecting them from other false beliefs. We learn that GOD did not allow those believers to experience Jesus Christ because there needed to be a spiritual progression prior to knowing Jesus Christ.

We know that like the top of the mountain where Moses heard GOD and spoke with GOD so the tent of witness served as a spiritual progression. We learn that this allows us to see that the tent of witness was meant to allow us to see that GOD wanted to include people in worship not only the prophet. This progression started gradually and did not occur right away. Based on this, we are to know that there were some beliefs that needed to be slowly integrated into the community so that people could understand. We learn that the tent of witness was just one of multiple progressions that allowed us to see that GOD wanted the people of Israel to worship GOD as a community.

We learn that later the temple would allow for people to worship GOD in the temple. With Jesus Christ, we know that the spiritual progression continues. When we see that Jesus Christ arrives to obey GOD and the purpose of GOD, we learn that Jesus Christ is the righteous Son of GOD. GOD allows Jesus Christ to save the people based on the spiritual progression that was based on GOD’s purpose. With this, we know that GOD is able to give grace and wisdom and allow individuals who understand to be able to acknowledge the spiritual progression that has occurred over thousands of years.

For this reason, Jesus Christ is not like the individuals of the past. Jesus Christ was a progression that allows us to see the promises of GOD and to allow us to pray to GOD directly without the need of intercessors. We are able to see Jesus Christ as the name above all names for everything that He has done for us from preaching to curing to taking our sins. We know for this reason that Jesus Christ was not going to go back to the beliefs of the past. He was going to be the King of kings based on spiritual progression that GOD had decided for the saving of humanity.

This is why Jesus Christ is not understood through a worldly mindset. He is only understood through the Spirit of Truth and the faith that a believer has in understanding spiritual beliefs that arise from GOD. For this reason, we are to see things from Genesis to Revelation as a progression and not a stationary point of view.

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