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Questions of Faith: What is meekness?

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What is meekness?

Meekness is the ability for an individual to act in a righteous manner and with a contrite spirit. A meek individual is not arrogant or pompous. They are exemplified by their following of the commandments and also of being able to give the reverence to GOD and giving GOD the importance in our daily lives. We see examples of meek individuals in different books of the Scriptures.

One of the examples of meekness is Moses who is able to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt because of his leadership and because GOD decided to give Moses the ability to accomplish this. We are able to see this in several other individuals not only in the Scriptures but also in the prophets, apostles, disciples, and believers. We are able to understand that GOD is able to give us the ability to understand that we are to give GOD the glory and the reverence.

We are to humble ourselves so that GOD can exalt us. We learn that through the life of Jesus Christ, Jesus was able to be exalted to the Right Hand Side of GOD because Jesus decided to obey GOD. We learn that these instances allow us to understand what the Scripture is meant for. We are to understand that GOD wants us to continue learning about the Scriptures but also be able to learn that GOD wants us to understand the qualities of a Christian.

We see other examples of meekness in the apostles and prophets when they were instructed to preach to the people regardless of what the people said. We learn that through these instances, we are able to learn that GOD wants to allow us the ability to understand that GOD wants us to see how Paul and Peter and John were humble and were able to please GOD through their preaching. We see that most of the apostles and disciples placed GOD above everything they had, and they are given a special place in the Heavenly Kingdom.

We are able to see that GOD wants us to understand that as believers we are able to learn to be meek and allow GOD to work in us in order to be disciples, apostles, and believers of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

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