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Questions of Faith: Are there other writings that are important concerning Scripture?

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Are there other writings that are important concerning Scriptures?

The Scriptures were organized based on specific metrics to see if they were from a specific time period and region. We learn that there are other writings that are not part of Scripture. This may be because those writings were written at a later time, earlier time, or were found in a region that was not close to where Scripture writings were found. There are other books that may be congruent with the Spirit of Truth and there may be other books that are not.

As a believer, we need to ask GOD for the ability to learn truth from deception in order to guide us. When learning about Scripture, the Spirit of Truth guides us to know what is of GOD and what is truth. There are other books that attempt to deceive believers into believing that those books are similar to Scripture or inspired by Scripture. We also know that there are guide books that give ideas and beliefs based on individuals who have read Scripture.

We are to be reminded that there are both good and deceptive books that attempt to equate to Scripture. We are supposed to be mindful and know that Scripture is the place where we find the promises of GOD, history of Israel, and the faith in Jesus Christ. There are other books that may be historical that may help understanding history.

We always place the greatest importance on Scripture over any other book or source including guide books. We are to trust in the word of GOD over anything else. There are also other religions and beliefs that may state that there have been newer prophets, but we are to be careful about this because those individuals may not be in accordance with the word of GOD.

We know that GOD told us that there would be deception in the world in the future. We know that this is something that we must understand and pray to have discernment from beliefs that are not true.

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