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Questions of Faith: When reading Scripture, are study books required?

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When reading the Scriptures, are study books required?

When reading Scripture as a beginner, it is important to have a study book, guide book, or Scripture notes in order to help understand the specific events and also the meaning behind events or words. We learn that Scripture is filled with information and a beginner would need some form of help in a study book. Study books allow us to comprehend things that may not be understandable in the beginning. For example, most of the writings of the Old Testament happened thousands of years ago. There are specific words or events that are different from today’s world. We need further information to allow us to understand the context of the information.

While the Scriptures are good on their own and can allow us to understand the purpose of GOD, a study book may help in understanding details that may be confusing or cause doubt to a believer. We learn that in the Old Testament there are specific words or events that are different and they need to be understood in a spiritual and historical context. We also know that guide books may have main ideas or provide context to something that we do not understand. Study books and guide books allow us help in reading the wealth of information that exists in Scripture. We are also encouraged to take notes since Scripture contains great ideas and understanding.

If we choose to take notes, the process of learning becomes interactive and an individual is able to learn greater information than just by reading. With notes, you can write questions or try to answer questions that you had previously created. The most important point is to be active when reading the Scriptures. We need to understand that GOD wants us to participate and to learn about Scripture through prayer, fasting, praising, and through faith.

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