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Questions of Faith: Why are the Gospel books not accepted by some religions?

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Why are the Gospel books not accepted by some religions?

The Gospel speaks of a Messiah that arrived to earth as a suffering servant. We know that this is uncomfortable for some individuals who expected to see the Messiah as King David or Solomon. This is because GOD has decided for this to be so. While individuals wished that Jesus Christ was like other individuals, we know that GOD told us through the Prophets and the Old Testament writings that Jesus Christ would be a suffering servant prior to being made a King. For this reason, people reject Jesus as Christ and reject believers of Jesus Christ. However, there is the side that miracles, power, authority, and dominion have happened in the name of Jesus.

We know that the apostles and disciples were able to preach the name of Jesus Christ even through all the difficulties that they went through. They were able to preach Jesus Christ and were able to convert individuals to Christianity. Other religions do not have Jesus Christ or preach Jesus Christ. They speak of enlightened individuals who are not Jesus, but equate them to Jesus. We know that only Jesus Christ bore the cross of our sins and was resurrected on the third day. For this reason, other religions do not accept Jesus or attempt to equate their figures as equal to Jesus.

We learn from the Gospel that Paul and Luke were believed to be Greek or Roman gods for their ability to cure people. When people attempt to worship them, Paul and Luke state that they are not to be worshiped only GOD. We learn that the miracles that occur by Paul and Luke are through the name of Jesus.

People are cured, strengthened, and given hope through the name of Jesus. We learn that Paul and Luke decide to give GOD the glory like true believers. Other religions want to be worshiped like GOD. We know that the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the only True GOD along with Jesus Christ and the Spirit of Truth.

Other religions can become truthful if they deny their worship figures and confess GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth as the One True GOD.

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