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Questions of Faith: What nations existed at the time of Israel and after Abraham?

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What other Nations Existed at the Time of Israel or after Abraham?

We learn that there were several nations existing at the time of Israel. While there were surrounding nations in Canaan, we know that as story advances, we learn that the children of Abraham become nations. We learn that through Isaac and Jacob, Israel would continue. We learn that through Ishmael, Egypt and other nations would exist. We know that through Esau, Syria and other nations would exist.

This allows us to see how the purposes of GOD continue to this very day. Aside from the nations fathered by Abraham, we know that there were specific nations around at the time that were in control of the land of Canaan including the Ammonites, Jebusites, and Perrizites. We learn that while there were different nations, GOD allowed Israel to continue growing and expanding to territories within the land that was given.

We learn that GOD’s prophesy of saying that Ishmael would be a great nation stands since Ishmael was able to birth a nation that is still alive today. We also learn that the people of Esau have also continue in Syria and Iraq. Through these understandings, we know that GOD continues to remember the promises He made to Abraham through His children.

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