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Questions of Faith: Why do other philosophies accuse Christianity of not respecting women?

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Why do other philosophies falsely accuse Christianity of not respecting women?

Through different philosophies and beliefs, the Scripture have received the treatment that Jesus Christ had predicted 2,000 years ago. We know that the Scriptures are divisive for those that scoff at the wisdom and understanding that exist in them. One of the main points against the Scriptures from post- modern ways of thinking include the belief that women were not respected.

This belief is easily refuted when taking into account the blessings that GOD gave to not only Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but also to Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel. We learn that the Ten Commandments and faith applies to both genders not only to men. We know that when the women were able to follow the faith in GOD, they prospered and so did their families. We learn that when they chose to disobey the word of GOD, they would have difficulties throughout.

We learn of this through the differences between the women that were of the faith and those that did not believe in GOD. We learn that the women of faith like Sarah believed in the promises of GOD and were counted as righteous. The belief that complementary aspects of relationships should be one-sided because of religion is not true. GOD created the woman out of man in order to prove that they were to be respected. They were not objects or possessions but human beings that were to be respected but also individuals that needed to respect GOD and the Ten Commandments.

The women was not meant to be controlled nor meant to be reckless, but a complementary component to the life of a man. They were to help each other in this life in order to improve their lives. Through the Ten Commandments, we know that each individual was meant to have their specific family in order to prevent instability in a growing society.

Because of these rules, the people of Israel not only prospered but grew in number as the stars in the heavens. By respecting boundaries, we learn that stability is created. When the boundaries of respect are decreased, instability follows. For this reason, the post-modern theories have only led to the dysfunctions of society and difficulties experienced in current decades compared with the stability of Christian believers at the beginning of Genesis.

We learn that women were allowed to lead seen through Miriam, the sister of Moses. We know women were allowed to be important in making decisions seen through the decision of Rebekah for Jacob. We see that they are allowed to worship and be a part of faith through the faith of Mary and Magdalene.

If anything, GOD cares about families and women in a greater amount than the post-modern philosophies created only to destabilize the family core. We learn that through these false philosophies, women are not given the importance that they were guaranteed through the Ten Commandments and faith. Same thing has happened to the men as well.

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