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Questions of Faith: Why is waiting something that is a part of Christianity?

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Why is waiting something that is part of Christianity?

Waiting allows us to transform our uncertainties into faith. We are supposed to understand that GOD is able to protect us and allow us to know that He is providing us with faith and understanding. We learn that those who were believers had to wait for the LORD to either allow an individual to know a specific word that needed to be preached, or to be delivered from the enemies of GOD, or to wait for GOD to provide something that was necessary.

We learn that this is because GOD wants us to be able to endure and be patient during the difficulties as a method of establishing faith in our lives. With faith, we are able to be at peace even through the difficulties because we know that GOD is in control of everything that happens in the world. We learn that the people of Israel needed to wait in order to be delivered from Egypt. We learned that when they left Egypt led by GOD and Moses, they had to wait in order to enter the Promised Land.

We know that when the people are exiled to Chaldea in the first exile, they had to wait in order to return back to their land. In the second exile, we know that the people had to wait for GOD to decide when they would be returned back. We know that GOD decides the events of history and is able to decide when specific events occur. We learn that in several verses of the Scriptures, we learn that GOD decides the timing of events of history. We know that GOD has the final word in all decisions of creation and even destruction when considering the wickedness that existed in Noah’s time, Lot’s time, and even into the future.

We learn that when individuals respect GOD’s timing of events as seen through the building of the first temple by Solomon and not by David, GOD rewards individuals for being faithful, waiting, and then for trusting in GOD. We learn that David wanted to build GOD the first temple in order to include the worship of the community for GOD. We learn that Nathan, the prophet, tells David that GOD instructed Nathan to tell David that it was Solomon who would build the first temple.

In the Gospel, we learn that John the Baptist was sent after centuries of the people not having a prophet most likely for the faithlessness of the people. In Malachi, we understand the atmosphere of the time with the people not seeing the practicality of worshiping GOD while it was the sins of the people that were causing the difficulties. We learn that John the Baptist is sent after centuries of no previous prophet. We learn that most likely there were sins still being committed and John the Baptist was sent to preach prior to Jesus Christ’s ministry.

We learn that through this, the people were being given the ability to return to GOD through righteous individuals that would preach repentance and salvation. Now seeing the future of the world after the resurrection of Jesus, we know that we wait for Jesus Christ to return on the clouds. We learn that this is to fulfill the prophecies of Revelation, the Gospels, and the Prophets. We know that through these writings, we are able to have hope to wait for a time when Jesus Christ will return to earth in the similar manner that He left to heaven.

We know that through our understanding of Scripture, this period of 2,000 years has been a time for the Church to grow and to preach the Gospel into all the world prior to the arrival of Jesus Christ in the clouds.

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