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Questions of Faith: Is Fasting Required for Christians?

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Is fasting required to be a Christian?

Fasting is not necessarily required, but it does help in a Christian’s life when it is needed. There are times when there is the need to fast. Fasting allows individuals the ability to forgo a meal in order to praise GOD or devote themselves to GOD. We know that while meals are important, fasting can help.

We learn that Daniel fasted for close to three weeks and was allowed to learn about specific requests. Jesus Christ fasted for close to four to five weeks. Moses fasted as well. This is something that needs to be seen at a personal level. This does not mean that you need to fast like Moses or Daniel. It is only an example.

We are allowed to learn if we need to fast based on the requests that we make to GOD when we pray. When we pray, we are able to know if we need to fast or not. We also know that when there is spiritual warfare, fasting does help in protecting and helping us not fall to specific vices or things that may cause us to stray. We are able to see fasting as an option that may be needed at times. We know that while physical food is important for the body, our spiritual self needs the word of GOD in order to be able to function.

We know that GOD allows us to experience strength and determination based on the Spirit of Truth. We are able to read the word of GOD and this allows us to know what we can do and things we are not allowed to do. Fasting sometimes allows us to see that our reliance is on GOD and not on the things of the world. Jesus Christ quoted GOD when GOD spoke to Moses concerning our daily bread being the word of GOD aside from the real bread.

We know that GOD sometimes may want us to fast in order to gain an understanding in prayer or through Scripture.

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