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Questions of Faith: Why is the Promised Land contested and the Temple Mount important?

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Why is the Promised Land contested and why is the Temple Mount important?

The Promised Land is contested for several reasons among the most important reason is because GOD has decided to give it favor and bless the people of Israel with the land. This was in order to fulfill the promises that GOD had given to Abraham. By these promises, GOD was showing the people of Israel that they were going to be blessed by GOD. This allowed them to see that GOD was going to the faithful to the promises He stated. Because GOD has decided to favor the land, there are other nations and belief systems that also want to have what GOD has blessed.

We learn that there is opposition to the things that are of GOD as seen in examples in the Scriptures. The Promised Land is blessed geographically because it has fertile land, rivers, oceans, and even a desert. We learn that all this allows for individuals to excel in trade and production of needed resources. By being able to produce, GOD was blessing the people with resources that allowed them to survive on the land. We know that the land allows for the gracing of flocks, for fishing of sea food, for the ability to trade with other nations, and the ability to produce different types of fruit and wines. We learn that the region is able to produce the necessities of life.

The Temple Mount is important because it is the highest point of the region of Israel, and it is mentioned multiple times in the Psalms and several other writings of the Scripture. We learn that the Temple Mount was important because it was the place that GOD stopped the pestilence that He initiated when David issued the census. We learn that GOD did not want the people to be counted because they were to be like the stars of the sky and the sand of the seas. They were to increase in number. By counting the people, it showed a lack of faith in the promises of GOD.

To this, David atones for the sin and is able to avert disaster. The Temple Mount is the place where the disaster is averted. Through the Psalms we learn that the Temple Mount is a place that GOD has decided to bless. Similar to the Promised Land, GOD decides whom to show favor or what to bless. Because GOD has decided for Mount Zion to be a blessing, we learn that GOD placed instructions for believers to worship at the Mount initially. We learn that the Temple Mount is destroyed during the Chaldean exile and Roman scattering due to the sin of it’s inhabitants. For this reason, GOD sends Jesus Christ to be the intermediary between GOD and mankind for the rest of history and into eternity.

We learn that GOD decides how to change and how to control history to bless not only his Heavenly Kingdom but also His believers. We are able to learn that the Temple Mount is blessed and named multiple times in the Psalms of David alone. We learn that King Jesus Christ will return to judge the wicked and will rule from a New Jerusalem. We learn that GOD and Jesus Christ will be the Temple in the New Jerusalem reminding us to worship GOD and Jesus Christ and the Spirit of Truth.

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