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Questions of Faith: Will Jesus Christ Return?

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Will Jesus Christ Return?

Jesus Christ is currently seated at the Right Hand Side of GOD in the Highest Heavens. We know that based on Scripture, Jesus Christ will return to judge the world prior to destroying the old earth and the old heavens. We learn that Jesus Christ will create a New Earth and a New Heaven. We learn that GOD is allowing us the ability to choose if we want to obtain eternal salvation, or if we want to fall into destruction through sin.

GOD gives us the choice to choose. There is free will while GOD is in control. Revelation tells us that Jesus Christ will return when the kings of the earth assemble for battle at the place of Armageddon. We know that Jesus Christ will destroy his enemies and will then judge the world.

We learn that in Revelation, we are told that Jesus Christ will judge humanity based on their actions and decide who receives the first resurrection and who does not. We learn that Jesus Christ can decide because GOD has given Jesus Christ authority, dominion, might, power, understanding, wisdom, and knowledge to reign after the events of Revelation occur. Jesus Christ was obedient to GOD, and GOD has given all of this to Jesus Christ.

We also learn from the books of the prophets that tell us that there would be a Savior that would destroy the wicked and save the righteous. We also are told that there will be the creation of a New Earth and a New Heaven after all wickedness is destroyed. We learn that through these events, Jesus Christ is given the ability to judge and to create.

We see that GOD allows Jesus Christ to rule for a 1,000 years after the events of Revelation prior to ruling for eternity. As believers, we must place our hope and belief in Jesus Christ and the promises of GOD. While in the end of the ages, there will be a lot of wickedness from people, we are instructed to keep faith. We are to continue reading the Scriptures, having faith in GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth, the Ten Commandments, and in praising GOD.

We need to continue praying to GOD in order to keep at peace during the difficulties that occur. We learn that there will be natural disasters that will increase in number. We learn that there will be betrayal from wicked people against both Christian and non-Christian individuals. We learn that all these things must take place prior to Jesus Christ’s return. We also learn that some of the Church will go through the Rapture because of their purity and others will go through tribulation but are reminded to keep the name of Jesus and be saved through endurance.

We are told that if we accept Jesus Christ and confess Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior, so will Jesus Christ confess us as believers to GOD and His angels.

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