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Jesus Christ Represents GOD’s Love and Israel’s Afflictions

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Jesus Christ Represents GOD’s Love and Israel’s Afflictions

That is a point of contention because what people want is someone who is going to be similar to the height of Israel in the term of the kingdoms of Israel, but we know that GOD decides how he wants individuals to serve and how he wants things to happen. Individuals may want a King David or King Solomon type of king while King Jesus Christ is a spiritual progression from the previous kings. So while some individuals are still searching, we know that Jesus Christ is the Messiah because He has already fulfilled the word of the prophets, and He is the representation of Israel.

Based on the difficulties that Israel has experienced throughout all its existence, from the difficulties to the hatred of the world. Always striving against those around them and even through it all, GOD protecting them. Allowing them to survive, thrive, and even to excel. They are able to continue moving toward where GOD wants them to go.

So Jesus Christ is a representation of Israel. Jesus Christ was born in Israel, and He was born of a Jewish mother. We know that Jesus Christ was born of GOD and of man. We know that what that means is that GOD created Jesus in Mary, and Joseph was there to raise Jesus. Based on this, Jesus Christ was Son of GOD and Son of Man because Jesus Christ took human form so that we could see all the injustices, all the corruption, and all the difficulties, the unfair treatments, and know that He took on our sorrows, He took on our form. He took on what we have gone through out our lifetime and through it all GOD sustained him. And GOD sustains us.

So there is a meaning and there is a purpose to everything. There is a meaning and a purpose to what Jesus Christ went through, and there is a meaning and a purpose for all the things that the people of Israel and also those believers that are Christians that are also going through difficulties are also going through for placing their faith in Jesus Christ. We know that these things are very important. Even through it all, it states:

“He was pierced through for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities. Upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace. And through His wounds, we are healed.”

And so we know that through all the difficulties that He went through, through the chastisement that was in Jesus Christ, through him we are given peace and through him we are healed from our sins and spared of destruction from the wrath of GOD.

From Jesus Christ we have protection, from Jesus Christ we have salvation, from Jesus Christ we have peace. And from Jesus Christ, we have everything we need. We know that this allows us to understand that Jesus Christ fulfilled all this when He arrived to earth. Even onto the cross and GOD gave him the ability to Resurrect on the third day and give him eternal life. GOD placed Jesus Christ at a place where the name of Jesus Christ is the name above every other name and have all authority given unto Jesus Christ and believers now have eternal life.

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