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Questions of Faith: What are the best manners of reading Scripture?

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What are the best manners to read the entire Scripture?

The best manners in which to read Scripture would be to read chapters at a time and understand the main idea. We are not to read the Scriptures from beginning to end and not think about the meaning of the events. We need to learn about the meaning behind specific events and also how GOD is telling the prophets to prophesy about Jesus Christ even in the Old Testament. When we understand the main idea of GOD being a GOD of Creation and who sent His Son to die on the cross and resurrect on the third day, we can acknowledge the similarities of faithful believers with Jesus Christ’s life.

We are able to see that Jesus Christ is part of Israel and of their difficulties and of their salvation. When we take this into account, we can gain a better understanding about the word of GOD. While we know that Scripture contains history, we also know that it contains prophesy and future history. We know that GOD has already decided what He wants to happen on earth and that GOD is able to allow believers to understand everything that has happened, will happen, and have faith through it all.

We read in Scripture that GOD is able to give people understanding, if they humble themselves before GOD. This means praying and asking GOD for the Spirit of Truth in order to understand the word of GOD. We are able to continue to experience spiritual blessings that allow us to understand Scripture. We can see that GOD not only wants people from Israel to be saved based on the Old Testament, but actually wants people from all over the world to be saved.

For this reason, Paul is sent to preach to individuals in other countries outside of Israel. For this reason, there have been Saints that have preached all over the world for the glorification of GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth. We are able to see how GOD works all things for the good of the Kingdom of Heaven and for the good of believers. We can have hope and belief in a GOD that works all things in Creation for our good.

The best manner to read Scripture is chapter by chapter and pausing before each new chapter to either understand the previous chapter’s main ideas, details, and how everything works together for good. We are able to read from Genesis to Revelation in order to understand the grace of GOD, the steadfast love of GOD, and the blessings of GOD that are seen throughout Scripture. We learn that GOD is able to provide for us everything that we need.

We see that through the Scriptures, the other method of reading is from New Testament to Old Testament. This is so the believer can understand who Jesus Christ, their LORD and Savior is, and so that they can be able to understand the reason for the Old Testament. Another method of reading Scripture would be to read from Revelation in order to know the prophesies of the future and then read New Testament and Old Testament. The reason for this is because there are already events happening that seem to show that Revelation is relevant.

We are able to see the promises of GOD, and the ability to have faith in spite of the difficulties that exist in the world. While all books of Scripture are important, there are different methods of learning. You can decide for yourself if you prefer to read chronologically, from New Testament to Old Testament, or Revelation and then choosing books.

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