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Questions of Faith: What is the difference between faith and religion?

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What is the difference between Faith and Religion?

The difference between Faith and Religion is that faith means walking in faith. Faith is believing in the promises of GOD without seeing the promises of GOD yet. We learn that Abraham was a man of faith because he believed in the word of GOD and in the promises of GOD without having seen the promises in physical form. We learn that Abraham follows the commands that GOD gives. GOD counts this as faith.

We learn that similarly, Isaac and Jacob, also walked in faith trusting in the promises of GOD without seeing the realization at the time of the promise. In a similar manner, as believers we can have faith in GOD by knowing that His promises have already been given, and we must remain in faith in order to obtain those promises. We know that faith is necessary to believe in GOD. We know that faith is necessary in order to obtain the blessings of GOD. We know that faith is necessary to be at peace in the peace of GOD.

Religion can be good as well. Religion can mean a specific church or form of worship that provides a structure and basis on which to keep our faith and encourage us to have faith. While people equate faith with religion, the two are not the same thing. People can have religion and not have faith, and people can have religion and be people of faith. People can have faith and not have religion, and people may not have faith and have religion. The important point is that religion can sometimes confuse people as to what worshiping GOD means. Faith is most important of the two. Believing in Jesus is faith. Believing in GOD is faith. Believing in the Spirit of Truth is faith. Following the Ten Commandments, reading Scripture, and believing in the GOD Almighty, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth are counted as faith.

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