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Questions of Faith: What will Heaven be like?

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What will Heaven be like?

Revelation tells us about what the new earth will look like. We can only imagine that Heaven will be equally or greater in splendor and majesty and beauty to the account in Revelation. We know from the Scriptures that we do not know specifically what Heaven looks like, but we do know that GOD is seated on a throne at the Highest Heavens. We learn that there are angels and that they serve GOD.

We know that the righteous believers of Scripture are in Heaven. Paul gives us a description of what may be the individuals that are in Heaven, but we are not told specifically. The belief for this is that Heaven is not able to be described. Heaven is too great and marvelous for our human minds to comprehend. From the amount of brightness and light and beauty that exists in Heaven to the specific locations, we cannot fully know.

We can only trust GOD that there is a Heaven because GOD has given visions to prophets telling them that the GOD they serve reigns from the Highest Heaven. We are able to see that GOD wants us not to worry about the details of Heaven, but to preach the word of GOD so that other individuals may be able to make it to Heaven. For this reason, we learn that Jesus Christ described how the righteous are in Heaven while those that are evil and oppress the righteous are not.

We are given a specific story by Jesus Christ about a man who was poor and was neglected but who goes to Heaven. He is saved by GOD Almighty. We learn that in Heaven the individual is able to live at peace, with food, and is able to be near to the faithful individuals of Scripture. We are told that GOD sees the troubles and the worries of our lives and is able to care for us. That is why we must place our importance on the things that are eternal and not on those that are temporary.

GOD wants us to live eternally in Heaven and to be a part of believers. For this reason, GOD made a promise to Abraham, sent Jesus Christ, and is awaiting to send Jesus Christ to judge and create the New Earth and New Heavens. We are reminded that GOD wants all individuals to obtain salvation and live in Heaven.

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