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Questions of Faith: Why did GOD allow some nations to attack Israel?

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Why did GOD allow other unrighteous nations to attack Israel or Judah?

What nations were allowed to attack Israel?

Chaldea and Rome were nations that were allowed to attack Israel among other nations including the Philistines, Ammorites, Jebusites, Hivites, and Perizites. While the first two nations mentioned were able to cause the people of Judah to go into captivity, they were allowed to attack Israel because of the sin of its inhabitants. Prophets were sent by GOD to preach to the people about repentance, but they were not listened to by the people.

We learn that during the time of Chaldea attacking Israel, the people were judged by GOD for their sins and were taken captive. We learn that they were exiled in the land of the Chaldeans, but GOD was graceful and allowed them to return to the land after seventy years. For the nations surrounding Israel like the Philistines, they were defeated by Israel when Israel decided to follow the commandments of GOD. We learn that Rome was also able to attack Israel and the destruction of the second temple was prophesied by Jesus.

Similar to the manner that the prophets were able to speak prophesies against nations including their own, Jesus was able to prophesy about the second temple. The prophesy became true when the Romans attacked the second temple and the nation was scattered. We learn that these instances occurred because the sin of the people had increased.

We learn that when sin increases and the wickedness of the people increases, GOD judges the wicked. We learn that this is what happened in to the southern kingdom of Judah in both the Chaldean exile and the Roman scattering or exile. While these nations were allowed to attack Israel, we know that GOD also reserves judgment for those nations.

We learn that both Chaldea and Rome also go through cycles of attacks from other nations. We learn that GOD judges wickedness. While other nations may have appeared to exhibit greater wickedness than Israel and Judah, we know that GOD had sent the prophets and His only Son to preach repentance of sin due to the wickedness that GOD was watching. We learn that GOD is still merciful and allows the people to return from the first exile and for the people to return from the second scattering and exile.

What happened to those nations?

We learn that the Chaldeans are judged by GOD in the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. We learn that during the prophesying, Chaldea would be defeated by another nation namely the Medes. We learn that this takes place during the writings of Ezra, Haggai, and Zechariah when we read that the Medes are able to defeat the Chaldeans and allow for Israel to return home. We learn that while the first exile lasted seventy years, GOD had remained faithful to His promises in returning the people of Israel and Judah back to their homeland.

We learn that Ezekiel is sent prior to the return from exile in order to preach to the people repentance in preparation for their return. While the Chaldeans were defeated, Israel and Judah were looking to repair Jerusalem and begin construction of the second temple. For Rome, we learn that through the civil difficulties of internal strife and outward attacks from the Vandals and the Goths that Rome was not able to continue. We learn that Rome also was judged by GOD and the empire collapsed leaving behind only a small portion to the Eastern Roman kingdom.

We learn that GOD judged Rome like He judged the Chaldeans. While these nations were allowed to attack Israel and Judah in the past, GOD still stores judgment if those nations practice wickedness. We learn that both Chaldea and Rome go through similar difficulties.

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