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GOD of Wonders and the Miracles of Jesus Christ

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GOD of Wonders and the Miracles of Jesus Christ

We learn from Scripture that GOD Almighty led Moses to become the leader of Israel. We learn that while the people quarreled against Moses for his leadership, GOD had decided to make him a leader. What GOD decides is what happens. We learn that Moses leads the people of Israel out of Egypt through the signs and wonders that GOD gives Moses. We learn that through these signs and wonders, Egypt understand the power and greatness of GOD Almighty.

We learn that in a similar manner, David is given wonders to perform. GOD gives the nations that surround Israel into the hands of David, so that Israel can increase in territory. We learn that while there were multiple nations that were stronger and had resources, GOD is the GOD of Creation. We learn that GOD gives David the ability to command and lead and display authority while defeating nations. We learn that David is an individual of faith like Moses that GOD allows to work wonders for the good of His people.

GOD utilizes the leadership of meek and righteous individuals to provide for His people. We learn that Jesus Christ was able to provide signs and wonders that prove that He is to be considered even more than a prophet and is the Son of GOD. We learn that Jesus Christ was able to walk on water and show His disciples the importance of faith. When a storm ravages against the boat of the disciples, Jesus Christ is able to calm the storm and bring peace. When there was a lack of food, Jesus Christ provides and multiples the loaves of bread and the fish that are brought to him. When the people are sick and in need of a healer, Jesus Christ heals them with His spoken word. When individuals are injured, He restores them to full health. When there is a lack of faith due to injustices, corruption, and unfair treatments, Jesus Christ reminds us that we have a hope of a future that is ruled by the King of kings.

We learn that the miracles of Jesus Christ attest to the continuation of the promises that GOD gave to His people of Israel and now to all the world. We learn that the miracles of Jesus Christ are congruent with the miracles that GOD worked in Moses and David. We learn that the faith of Jesus Christ was able to bring about great restoration, steadfast love, peace, hope, understanding, wisdom, strength, might, healing, empathy, justice, logic, and fairness. We learn that this is consistent with the characteristics of GOD among other qualities that the human mind cannot understand.

We learn that Jesus Christ exemplifies a suffering servant like David that was hated for righteousness’ sake. We learn that there are no other options to eternal life only Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is able to speak to the truth of GOD and allow us to understand that GOD wants to be loved and worshiped by His people.

We were created to be in the likeness of GOD and to worship GOD. There is no higher good and aim of humanity. We were created with a purpose, and that purpose is to worship our Creator. To some this may be too simple, too naïve, too archaic, but to believers GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth are enough.

For Moses, GOD is deliverance. For David, GOD is salvation. For Jesus Christ, GOD is His Father. To believers, GOD is our righteousness, our justice, and GOD is good.

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