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Jesus Christ Being in the Spirit With GOD Almighty and the Spirit of Truth Since the Beginning of Time

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Jesus Christ Being in the Spirit With GOD Almighty and the Spirit of Truth From the Beginning of Time

We learn that there are complex beliefs within the Scriptures that talk about the manner in which Jesus Christ was with GOD the Father and the Spirit of Truth from the beginning of time. While this proves controversial for monotheistic religions, it talks about the truth of reality that was created by GOD Almighty. We learn that together GOD the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth are together One GOD. We learn that when GOD created humanity, GOD stated:

“Let us make man in our image.”

GOD was speaking with Jesus Christ and the Spirit of Truth concerning the Creation of humanity. We learn in this verse of Scripture that Jesus Christ was always a part of GOD in the Spirit since David prophesied through Psalm 110 about David calling Jesus Christ LORD. We learn that while David did not know about Jesus Christ in the human form, David was praising GOD and Jesus Christ in the Spirit of Truth.

This is consistent with the manner that the Spirit of Truth is able to speak to the truth, and the reality that GOD created. That is why the Spirit of Truth is also important for believers in order to discern truth, speak truth, and learn about the truth. We learn that David would praise GOD and Jesus Christ in the Spirit.

When Jesus Christ arrives to earth to start His ministry, we learn that He gets into discussions with the Pharisees of the time while preaching. We learn that believers, disciples, apostles, Pharisees, and the people are astounded by the wisdom that Jesus Christ is able to speak. We learn that they are able to believe in GOD the Father through the faithful example that Jesus Christ preaches to the outcasts, the lost, the strayed, the injured, the wounded, and those forsaken by society. We learn that He is able to offer hope when there is no hope to be found in a society that has lost itself. To this, the Pharisees attempt to place stumbling blocks to Jesus Christ’s preaching not realizing that they were speaking to the Chief Cornerstone that would become a stumbling block to non believers. We learn that Jesus Christ states that:

“Before Abraham was, I am.”

He states this to allow individuals to understand that while the Pharisees were sons of Abraham genealogically, they had failed to realize the spiritual promises and blessings of GOD for their lack of faith and their reliance on other things rather than the things of GOD. We learn that Jesus Christ is able to state of His divinity and how He was with GOD in the beginning, continues being, and will continue to live eternally after the resurrection. We learn that GOD gave Jesus Christ the ability to exert might, power, and strength in the zeal of GOD to carry out the purpose of GOD.

We learn that Jesus Christ’s claim of being the Son of GOD is truth as attested by multiple individuals in Scripture from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, multiple prophets, the disciples and apostles, and even Gentiles. For this reason, it should not surprise us that GOD Almighty has given Jesus Christ the name above every other name for His ability to endure and obey to the point of the cross and allowed him the resurrection and the giving of eternal life.

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