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Jesus Christ is a Spiritual Progression from the Temple

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Jesus Christ is a Spiritual Progression from the Temple

We learn that there were Levitical priests in the time of the Old Testament that were allowed to offer sacrifices for the people of Israel in order to cleanse the people from sin. We learn that this practice was initially instituted by GOD after taking the people of Israel out of Egypt and having led the people through the wilderness. We learn that this was a spiritual progression where GOD wanted the people to be a part of worship including priests and the community not only the prophet that at the time was only Moses. We learn that initially Moses was the only individual that could speak with GOD. We learn that GOD allowed Moses to speak with GOD or an angel of GOD that allowed Moses to receive instruction regarding the freedom that was to be given to Israel in Egypt.

We also learn that Moses receives further instructions in Mount Sinai including the Ten Commandments that would allow Moses to instruct the people in the path of the righteousness of GOD. We learn that our GOD is a righteous GOD who delights in the welfare of His servants. We learn that Moses was protected and even allowed to learn about GOD and to even speak to GOD Almighty without suffering harm. We learn that this attests to GOD’s love for humanity wanting to integrate us into His Heavenly Kingdom. We learn that while initially this was accomplished on the mountain with a prophet, it progressed to the tent of witness that allowed the people to know that GOD was traveling with them as He shielded them with a pillar of fire and a cloud.

After this, we learn that the people who are righteous like Moses allow for their faith to allow GOD to help His people. David would be another individual that would choose to follow and obey GOD over anything in the world. We learn in the Psalms of David, that GOD is everything for David, and that he will not go after idolatry. This shows us the nature and character of David’s righteousness. This allows GOD to give favor to David and to allow his son to build the temple. This is another progression that showed that GOD wanted to have a place that people could pray to, and that they would feel that GOD was with them.

This was something that is considered a spiritual progression. We learn that the temple would allow for GOD to bless the people with a physical place of worship that would allow for individuals to learn about GOD and place their faith in GOD. We learn that even with the temple, sin still occurred. What we learn is that GOD sends Jesus Christ to be the temple, atoning sacrifice, and the high priest. We learn that the reason for this spiritual progression is because the people’s apathy, sin, and indifference had caused the temple to mean nothing. They were going to the temple out of practicality and religion rather than faith. They regarded worship as something to be done out of routine and social practice rather than the need and necessity to worship GOD.

To this GOD gives Jesus Christ to the world in order to die on the Cross and Resurrect on the third day and after that given eternal life. We learn that this is a spiritual progression because Jesus Christ would allow individuals to pray directly to GOD, worship GOD, and have an intercessor in Jesus Christ that the Levitical priests could not accomplish at the time especially after the second exile and scattering.

This proves that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world who came to save humanity from sin. While David saved Israel from the surrounding nations and grew the physical territory of Israel, Jesus Christ saves us from our desires, ego, temptations, sin, and evil. Jesus Christ saves our spirit.

We are able to see that King Jesus Christ is a spiritual progression from the mountain, tent of witness, and the physical temple.

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