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Jesus Christ Glorifies GOD Almighty

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Jesus Christ Glorifies GOD Almighty

One of the misconceptions that are used to slander Jesus Christ is that worship of Jesus Christ is idolatry. This is obviously not true because Jesus Christ obeyed GOD throughout His life making sure to accomplish the purpose of GOD. Jesus Christ was able to gain eternal life by the Father for being obedient to the Ten Commandments, living in faith, preaching repentance of sin, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, giving voices to the mute, giving hearing to the deaf, raising the dead, feeding the people of Israel, and speaking to those that were deemed unworthy of society all while teaching individuals about the faith, steadfast love, and grace of our Heavenly Father.

To this Jesus Christ lives glorifying GOD. Jesus Christ acknowledges that He was with GOD the Father and the Spirit of Truth from the beginning of time, but glorifies GOD. Every interaction with individuals, Jesus Christ seeks to teach about the love that GOD has for humanity, and the fairness and justice that He seeks from individuals who are believers. We learn that we have a leader that lives what He preached and was obedient to GOD even to the cross. For this GOD Almighty gives Jesus Christ the name above all names, the ability to give eternal life, and the seat at the Right Hand Side of GOD to rule until GOD the Father decides to send Jesus Christ at the end of the ages to judge.

We learn that through all of this, Jesus Christ does not seek the glory and the praise. He directs it to GOD. While Jesus Christ deserves the glory and the praise for taking our sins on the cross and for giving us eternal life, we know that GOD the Father gives Jesus Christ the ability to have Authority, Dominion, Power, Glory, Majesty, Strength, Understanding, and Wisdom and receive the praise along with GOD the Father and the Spirit of Truth.

There are no examples in Scripture that show that Jesus Christ looked for His own purpose or to accomplish His own decisions. Jesus Christ took the instructions of GOD the Father and obeyed to give humanity a second chance of salvation. We learn that Jeremiah spoke of a second covenant that would be greater than the first covenant that GOD made with Abraham. This was because Abraham’s lineage was not able to uphold the ability to keep the commandments, faith, and repentance of sin despite prophets being consistently sent to them. From Isaiah to Daniel to John the Baptist, we learn that the prophets attempted to reconcile the people to GOD. To this GOD decides to send His Son so that we can all have eternal life.

Because Jesus Christ obeys GOD throughout His life, He is given the ability to rule with an everlasting scepter, be high priest, temple, atoning sacrifice, and a king forever. While we may attempt to look to the past for salvation through the Levitical priesthood and kings to rule like David, Jesus Christ has accomplished history, prophesied about history, and written history. We have only to worship and sing praises to the Resurrected King of kings who will return.

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