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King Jesus Christ’s Similarities With King David

King Jesus Christ’s Similarities With King David

We learn in the Scriptures, that there are similarities that exist between Jesus Christ and important figures of faith that were called, chosen, and faithful to GOD. We learn that from the different types of individuals in the apostles, disciples, prophets, believers, and kings, we are able to see that Jesus Christ shares their struggles, their faith, and their triumphs. We learn that one of the most noted examples that are visible are the similarities between King Jesus Christ and King David.

We learn that King Jesus Christ would be a conquering king at the end of the ages that will defeat all the enemies of GOD and give out due judgment against the wicked for their evil actions against humanity and believers. We learn that this description is very similar to the conquering king that King David was in the Old Testament for the judgment of GOD on the surrounding nations. We learn that King David was a faithful individual that followed GOD’s word and commandments over anything that the world had to offer. We learn that he renounces and hates idolatry and keeps his faith in GOD. To this, GOD gives King David the ability to increase the lands of Israel and to unify the tribes of Israel. The people acknowledge David as a man of GOD and a man of the people.

This allows us to see that David was able to provide and protect the people of Israel from those that only looked to oppress and envy them. To this example, we see that King Jesus Christ shares in the ability to provide for the people of Israel. While initially as a suffering servant, it allows us to note that Jesus Christ is King of kings and will return to conquer His enemies and defeat all the foes of GOD. We learn that initially, Jesus Christ arrived to earth as a suffering servant that took on our iniquity, took on our form, and took on our difficulties.

We learn that GOD was made human, and Jesus Christ was both Son of GOD and Son of Man. We learn that Jesus Christ saw through the corruption, deception, and lies that existed at the time. We learn that even through those difficulties, GOD strengthened Jesus Christ who strengthened the people of Israel by healing the sick, finding the lost, preaching hope to the outcast, restoring health to those that lacked it, and raising the dead. We learn that this allowed the poor, needy, and afflicted to know that there was a reasoning behind the suffering.

As a suffering servant, Jesus Christ took on all our pains and sufferings and showed us that He could lead while suffering. When Jesus Christ’s ministry was completed, He bore the cross that was supposed to be each individuals cross. Jesus Christ bore the sins that where each individual’s sins for all history, for all mankind, for all time.

While the worldly perspective is unable to understand this, GOD has exalted the humble and humbled the exalted. GOD says that whatever is exalted by man is an abomination to GOD. GOD loves the humble, the meek, and those that have gone through difficulties for being righteous. King David was righteous and was attacked, slandered, and hated for being bold enough to stand against a giant when no one wanted to face that reality. King Jesus Christ was righteous and was attacked, slandered, and hated for being bold enough to speak truth to a system that had lost itself in the process of utilizing people as resources and not seeing them as human beings to be nurtured and truly fortified with hope.

To this the suffering servants of David and Jesus Christ share the story of Israel’s history. The bittersweet reality of knowing that we share in great and innumerable blessings, but also have the envy of the world for being righteous like our Heavenly Father is righteous. Even through it all, we continue to praise GOD. Even through it all, we continue to glorify the Creator of the Universe because we know that this is the purpose of life.

Israel is a special place, with special people, with a special purpose. While idolatry and the cares of the world have attempted to sway the fervor and the belief in GOD, there is hope that they can turn from their sins and acknowledge King Jesus Christ as their LORD and Savior before the time of the Great Tribulation. We have reminders in Scripture that GOD will not forsake His believers.

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