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Prophecies of Jesus Christ

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Prophecies of Jesus Christ

We learn in Scripture that the Prophets were individuals who were able to have the Spirit of Truth and speak prophecies of events that would occur. We learn that GOD allowed prophets to speak about future events so that either the people of Israel would repent of sin, or so that they could know what would happen in the future to protect them from difficulties. We learn that for this reason, the prophets are very special not only in Scripture but in their role as intercessor between the people of GOD and GOD. They are able to accomplish great actions with faith.

They are given the ability to speak truth and to have the ability to learn about great knowledge and wisdom from GOD. While Jesus Christ is the Son of GOD, we know that He is able to prophesy and predict the events that have been occurring in the past years. We know that while Jesus Christ lived two thousand years ago, He was able to predict to the specific detail the world we are living in at the moment. This also attests to the belief that Jesus Christ was with GOD the Father and the Spirit of Truth from the beginning of time. This attests that GOD has given Jesus Christ the ability to speak truth regardless of the difficulties that existed in His time.

We learn that Jesus Christ spoke for the good of the Kingdom of Heaven and for the good of believers. To this we are thankful to GOD for giving us His only Son so that we may not only have eternal life and salvation, the ability to understand truth and reality, and also to know about the events that will take place in the future.

Jesus Christ predicted the destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

While this is something that is controversial, we know that this was because history has already been written by GOD Almighty. Jesus Christ was only allowing His believers to understand the truth and future events. When these events happened, we can see that Jesus Christ was right and knew to the exact detail that the second temple would not remain.

Jesus Christ also prophesied about the times of the end of the ages. We have started to see those signs happening for some time now, and this allows us to know that Jesus Christ is again correct about everything that He stated. This allows us to know that Jesus Christ is able to know about the future and to give His believers understanding through it all. So we know that Jesus Christ has given us the ability to know that the events prior to the Great Tribulation are beginning to happen.

While we may not know everything, we know that we can place our faith in Jesus Christ who does know everything. We are called to have faith and to understand that while there may be difficulties, our faith is to increase and our trust in GOD is to remain. We know that we can have strength in GOD, and He will guide us to life.

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