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King Jesus Christ’s Sovereignty, Dominion, and Authority

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King Jesus Christ’s Sovereignty, Dominion, and Authority

Through the Scriptures we learn about the truth that GOD Almighty created the universe in six days and rested on the seventh. We learn that all the wonders and amazing creations of GOD Almighty could keep us reading about plants, places, ideas, and so much. We know that our GOD Almighty is a GOD that creates for the good of His Heavenly Kingdom and also for the good of His believers. We learn that GOD Almighty intended for every being of creation from angels, to humans, to animals to live in perfect harmony.

Nothing surprises GOD Almighty. GOD Almighty knew the rebellion of the fallen angels prior to the start of the rebellion. GOD Almighty knows every thought that exists in the mind and heart not only of all His creation but of everything that He has created. We know that through the rebellion, the fallen angels were thrown out of the Highest Heavens. This notes the first victory of GOD Almighty over His enemies. GOD Almighty gives creation a chance to be in the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is up to each being to decide if they want to be a part of GOD Almighty or to be separated from GOD Almighty which is the worst punishment that could exist for any being or human although each person has the choice. We learn that Paul tells us that we do not fight against flesh and blood but against those opponents of GOD Almighty that have already been defeated. For this reason, we are to renounce idolatry and stay in the worship of GOD Almighty over all. GOD, the Father, GOD, the Son, Jesus Christ, and GOD, the Spirit of Truth. We know that even through it all, GOD Almighty is able to see the actions not only of the created beings but of humans too. We know that no created being or human being is able to hurt GOD Almighty.

Any rebellion against GOD Almighty is already a lost cause. The second victory that GOD Almighty had over evil has been through the deliverance of Israel from Egypt. GOD Almighty decided to raise up Pharaoh to show the power of GOD Almighty, and the meekness of Moses to rescue the people of Israel. GOD Almighty hates the proud and arrogant and exalts the humble. We learn that GOD Almighty allows us to understand that even when it appears that evil is appearing to prosper, it has a finality and purpose also. While individuals think that they have control over evil, it is actually the opposite.

For this reason, we believers need to keep faith, steadfast love, and believe in the grace of GOD Almighty to be protected from the schemes of evil. We know that Scripture continues to state of examples where GOD Almighty consistently defeats evil and shows us that He is the True GOD, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We learn that even with all the distraction and deceptions and lies, GOD Almighty has already won. We learn about this in the final destruction that sin, death, and evil had at the hands of King Jesus Christ.

Once and for all, the power of sin, death, and evil is destroyed with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the resurrection in three days. We learn that through this, GOD Almighty gives King Jesus Christ Authority, Dominion, Sovereignty, Power, Might, Strength, Understanding, and Wisdom over all creation. This is to undue the power of sin that existed through the disobedience of Adam. Through Adam we were in sin, through King Jesus Christ we are liberated from sin and given eternal life.

We know that Jesus Christ has been given the seat at the Right Hand Side of GOD Almighty starting two thousand years ago and continues to rule. King Jesus Christ will return to judge those fallen angels and also the humans who choose idolatry over GOD Almighty. Meanwhile, faithful believers are reminded that GOD Almighty is ruling on His throne in the Highest Heavens from the beginning of Creation in Genesis through Revelation and into eternity.

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