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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Season One Book

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If you are not able to access the Resurrection Radio Podcast by audio, you can read the initial podcasts in the first Fourteen episodes. If you can access the audio, you can click on the Resurrection Radio Podcast Section to the top or the right. All contributions are going to be used for the Interpretation of the episodes to another language.

Resurrection Radio Podcast: First Season

Resurrection Radio Podcast is meant to help believers keep in their faith in King Jesus Christ. It is also meant to convict and stir the spirit of non believers to think about their eternal salvation through King Jesus Christ. The podcast attempt to display the logic and faith that GOD Almighty wants us to learn and use to understand the Scriptures. We are able to see GOD Almighty’s perfection in writing history and having control over history. We are given a chance to believe in the truth and acknowledge the true Messiah of Israel and the world, King Jesus Christ.


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