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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Three “Paul’s Teachings, Love, and Reproof”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about how Paul states to the Church of Corinth about the need not only to keep the commandments, faith in GOD Almighty, Jesus Christ, and have the Spirit of Truth, but also the need to understand reproof.

We learn that while Paul offers steadfast love in helping the Church of Corinth grow, the letters allow for believers to see the leadership and ability to praise GOD Almighty amidst the difficulties similar to the examples of King Jesus Christ and Peter and the apostles and disciples.

We are reminded of the importance of reproof and being able to tell individuals who are true believers the need to avoid negative influences from affecting their faith and turning from sin. We are able to learn that these corrections as out of steadfast love and grace from GOD Almighty to allow for repentance of sin and avoidance of sin. We learn that by following the Ten Commandments, we have the protection of GOD Almighty. We learn about how Paul can help us understand GOD Almighty’s love for not only Israel but for all the world in changing Paul from a life of sin and evil to everlasting life.

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