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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Seven “Jesus Christ in the Book of Luke”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast we learn about the real Jesus Christ in the Gospel. We learn about the teachings of Jesus Christ written by the the disciple Luke. We are able to understand that there is wisdom and authority in the words of Jesus Christ.

We learn about how Jesus Christ speaks of the need to have faith in order to realize the promises and fulfillment of the promises of GOD Almighty that are blessings for believers. We can pray for the Spirit of Truth to guide us in being able to have faith and continue to follow the purpose of GOD Almighty.

We also learn about the faith of the disciples following Jesus Christ and learning about the teachings of Messiah and the everlasting king from the tribe of Judah. Jesus Christ is the Son of Man through David but also the Son of GOD being born in the Spirit of Truth when Mary obeys GOD’s purpose. We learn that from Adam and Eve, sin is introduced, but through Mary and Jesus Christ, is eternal life given.

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