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How can non-believers know about the existence of GOD Almighty?

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How can non-believers know about the existence of GOD Almighty?

There are several methods of knowing that GOD Almighty exists. There are different topics that can help us understand that GOD Almighty is present in everyone’s lives. We learn from science that GOD Almighty is present in the development of creation and life. We learn that GOD Almighty is the Creator of Life. Only GOD Almighty can create life. When we see the sun, moon, and the stars, we are able to see the light that GOD Almighty provided for the day and the night.

We learn that the mountains, the oceans, the seas, and rivers were also created by GOD Almighty. So much so that GOD Almighty has established order in the ocean for the ocean to behave a certain manner unless He decides for there to be storms or to calm those storms. We learn that Jesus Christ was able to rebuke a storm and the storm stopped. This was a representation that GOD Almighty is able to not only create but is also able to decide how his creation behaves. We learn that the sea and the oceans are able to behave depending on how GOD Almighty decides. We learn that this allows for individuals who truly want to learn the truth to be able to learn the truth.

We also learn from the creation of human life, that GOD Almighty is present. If you have time, you can research the method and time that it takes for an unborn child to develop in the womb during gestation. The nine months are known, but the specific weeks of development attesting to how GOD Almighty is present at the creation of life allows us to see that GOD Almighty is active. We learn that the specific development of systems and of organs and of tissues and cells are all so important in the ability to create life. GOD Almighty is able to show us His presence during the time that individuals are created.

Another method of knowing is in the manner that there is censorship and opposition against the praising and glorifying of GOD Almighty, King Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth. All of this is consistent with the manner in King Jesus Christ prophesied about what would be happening at the time of the end. We learn that King Jesus Christ had already prophesied about several events that actually became reality. While the prophecies of King Jesus Christ is another topic, we learn that Jesus Christ stated that individuals would hate the name of Jesus Christ in the future. We learn that there are individuals that are working against the name of Jesus Christ because of their vices and sin. We are able to know that regardless, GOD Almighty is glorified and the Gospel continues to be preached.

We can know that GOD Almighty exists in the existence of Israel. Israel was able to exist through the promise that GOD Almighty gave to Abraham. Abraham and his wife Sarah were able to have a child and was able to increase in the number of descendants. We learn that the promises of Abraham were fulfilled by GOD Almighty because the nation of Israel was able to be created out of Abraham, through Issac, and Jacob. We learn that the number of the descendants of Abraham increases, the land of Canaan is given to the people of Israel, and they are able to keep it conditional on believing in GOD Almighty and following the Ten Commandments and having faith in GOD Almighty.

We learn that while Israel has had difficulties and oppositions, GOD Almighty continues to protect and look after the nation. We learn that GOD Almighty allows Israel to exit Egypt and have the ability to make it to the Promised Land by being able to allow the sea to become a pathway for the people of Israel. Not only do they make it to the Promised Land, but they are able to drive out nations from Canaan and able to keep the land until they are exiled for their sins. Through GOD Almighty’s grace, GOD Almighty brings the people of Israel back to their land. This shows GOD Almighty’s grace in sending prophets, bringing the people back to their land, and sending His only Son to preach repentance of sin.

We also know that GOD Almighty sent His only Son, King Jesus Christ, to save us from our sins. We know that through sin, evil changes people, and the end is destruction for individuals who sin. We see this in the time of the prophets through the Chaldean exile and through the scattering. We learn that GOD Almighty judges sin and wickedness which lead to destruction. Jesus Christ is sent to lead the people out of sin to have eternal life. There are individuals that believe this truth and have eternal life. Those that do not believe in Jesus Christ are apportioned for judgment by GOD Almighty, King Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth. We learn from the Book of Revelation that this is the truth.

These are only a few of the methods that we can know that there is a living true GOD Almighty, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. GOD Almighty also allows for some believers to experience visions and dreams like the prophets. For true believers there is the ability to have the Spirit of Truth if they truly believe in King Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is given the ability to give the Spirit of Truth to disciples, apostles, and believers seen in the New Testament. The Spirit of Truth is able to allow individuals the ability to understand the Scriptures and understand the truth. The Scriptures are the word of GOD and the truth. There are no substitutes and no other philosophies that can provide like GOD Almighty, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth.

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