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King Jesus Christ Preaches Repentance of Sin Consistent With the Prophets

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Jesus Christ’s Preaching Consistent With the Prophets

We learn that when Jesus Christ is sent to earth to preach, we learn that what Jesus Christ preaches is consistent with what GOD Almighty states in the Old Testament. We learn that Jesus Christ is able to preach truth to the lies, deception, and the misconceptions that were believed at the time. We learn that initially the prophets are sent to Israel when they were committing sin and were behaving in a wicked manner. We learn that the prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel preach the truth of GOD Almighty regardless of how offensive, contrary, or different the word of GOD is from the philosophies of the world. We are able to see that the truth of GOD Almighty remains similar to how King Jesus Christ states that the word of GOD Almighty will never pass away.

We learn that Isaiah preached to the people of Israel about the importance of being able to speak truth. The people were beginning to go through a cycle of unfaithfulness for not believing the Scriptures. We learn that Isaiah is sent to speak the need for repentance in order to avoid the first Chaldean exile. We know that Isaiah is faithful to GOD Almighty and is able to speak to Israel about the need to turn from their sin prior to the consequences of sin being seen in the exile.

We learn that Jeremiah preaches the need for the repentance of sin prior to the judgment that GOD Almighty would give to the people for their sin. We learn from Paul that the wages of sin are death and destruction, and Peter states that the workings of sin wage war against our soul. This is consistent in both Old Testament and New Testament meaning that it is in the Spirit of Truth of GOD Almighty and allows us the ability to understand that GOD Almighty wants us to not be a part of sin. We learn that even with all the difficulties that had started because of sin, if individuals choose to turn from their sin, there can be changes and blessings from GOD Almighty. We know Jeremiah preaches in order for individuals to turn from their sin. While the people do not turn from their sin, we still see the example of judgment and how GOD Almighty is in control of history.

We also learn from Ezekiel who preaches to the remnant in Chaldea that they need to learn to change from their sin in order to be able to return to their land and begin to be able to build up the land. We learn that while the Chaldean exile was going to take place, the people still are given hope by GOD Almighty to be able to live while they wait for their return to their land. We learn that through Ezekiel, the remnant of believers in Chaldea learn about repentance of sin in order to be able to heal the land and return back to their land.

Daniel is able to pray to GOD Almighty for the difficulties that the people of Israel have been going through in exile. We learn that while Daniel cares for GOD Almighty’s people, we learn that the Chaldean exile is fixed by GOD Almighty and takes place. The people need to wait for their return when GOD Almighty decides, but the people are instructed to repent from their sins. Daniel being an example of righteousness is given the ability to see visions of the future and prophesy about Jesus Christ.

We learn that the preachings of Jesus Christ are consistent with the words of the prophets. We learn that the prophets were followers of GOD Almighty’s purpose because they continued to preach regardless of the difficulties, opposition, persecution, or tribulations that they went through. In fact, they went through the difficulties and only allows believers to see GOD Almighty’s power in the prophets for being faithful to GOD Almighty. Jesus Christ preaches the need for repentance of sin consistent with the prophets and the need to be obedient to GOD Almighty. We know that the failure to obey GOD Almighty is disobedience and sin. Through sin, individuals are destroyed. For this reason, Jesus Christ is love because He wants to save us from the consequences of sin.

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