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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Eleven “Paul, Second Letter to Corinth, and Eternal Life”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the second letter to Corinth by Paul. We learn about the differences that existed from the Scriptures preaching eternal life through King Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Saducees who did not believe in the Resurrection of King Jesus Christ.

We learn that Paul gives us the ability to know that GOD Almighty is able to give eternal life to King Jesus Christ. Because of this, Christian believers are able to have Joy, hope, and peace in King Jesus Christ.

We learn that Christian believers are examples of the hope that our belief gives us. We have everything because GOD Almighty is providing, protecting, and guiding through the Ten Commandments, faith in King Jesus Christ, repenting of sin, and having a meek character. We learn that Paul speaks to believers about the need to continue in the faith in King Jesus Christ.

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