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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Ten “Paul’s Letters, Gifts of the Spirit of Truth, and Eternal Life”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the letter to the Corinthians. We learn that Paul allowed individuals to learn about the authority of King Jesus Christ and the need for repentance of sin. We also learn the importance of the Spirit of Truth in the life of a Christian.

Through the Spirit of Truth, we are able to understand the truth and learn to distinguish from the likes, deceit, and misconceptions of the world. We learn that the Spirit of Truth also gives spiritual gifts such as prophecy, faith, and speaking in tongues (different languages).

We are able to see that the Spirit of Truth is important in the life of a true Christian. King Jesus Christ told disciples and apostles that once Jesus Christ went to Heaven, the Spirit of Truth will help them. We are to believe in the words of our LORD and Saviour.

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