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Why was King David the king that would be a precursor to King Jesus Christ instead of King Saul or King Solomon?

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Why was King David called to be the king that would resemble the suffering servant Jesus Christ and
not King Saul or King Solomon?

While there were three kings during the time of the unified kingdom of Israel, only King David is regarded as remaining faithful to the faith in GOD Almighty. While King Saul and King Solomon initially started with a great intention to glorify GOD Almighty and lead the people of GOD to safety and protection and provide for them, we learn that King David is the example of faithfulness to GOD Almighty.

King David believed in GOD Almighty even through the difficulties that he went through. Even through the difficulties, King David praises GOD Almighty and tells GOD his requests and needs. GOD Almighty sees that King David is truthful and faithful through all the difficulties. While other individuals would have stopped praying, King David continues to pray to GOD Almighty. King David guides us as an example of what we are supposed to do when we are going through difficulties. For this, GOD Almighty blesses King David with the ability to prevail over all the difficulties that are going on around him.

Even when King David sins, we learn that he atones for his sin and changes his behavior. No longer does he partake in sin and makes sure to repent. We learn that even through the sin and shame, he was able to praise GOD Almighty and seek His forgiveness. We learn that GOD Almighty sends a prophet to tell King David of his sin. King David respects the prophet of GOD Almighty and seeks repentance. This shows GOD Almighty’s grace for His believers and forgives King David. We learn that King David does not continue in sin or wickedness and is faithful to the obedience to GOD Almighty.

We learn that GOD Almighty sees how King David is able to repent and forgives King David. We are able to see that King David truly wanted to follow the purpose and belief in GOD Almighty. King David speaks in the Psalms about how he detests idol worship and teaches this to the generations of Israel in his writings. This shows that King David not once looked to go after idolatry and worships GOD Almighty all the days of his life being considered righteous.

King Saul started with humble beginnings but would later change. While King Saul was able to accomplish great things in increasing the territory of Israel over its enemies by the obedience of GOD Almighty. GOD Almighty allowed Israel to have the victories for the initial obedience of King Saul.

We learn that King Saul would have difficulties following the instructions of GOD Almighty, would have a hatred and envy for David, and would disobey the words of the prophets. This caused GOD Almighty to remove the favor from King Saul and give David increased favor. We learn that similar to King Saul, King Solomon started out the kingdom with great promise but also did not obey GOD Almighty. GOD Almighty told King Solomon not to go after the idols and to only serve GOD Almighty. We learn that King Solomon would go after the idols due to his foreign wives with foreign beliefs. We also learn that there were other instances that GOD Almighty instructed King Solomon to follow the instructions of GOD Almighty and does not follow the guidance. For this, the kingdom of Solomon is split into two parts in the time of his son. The judgment from GOD Almighty does not happen in his time due to the immense love GOD Almighty has for David.

For this reason, King David is a representation of obedience to GOD Almighty from the royal lineage of Israel. We learn that this allows us to see that Jesus Christ was going to arise from the lineage of King David and David is the name used to describe Jesus Christ in the Scriptures instead of Solomon or Saul. The prophets speak of a future individual who would be similar to David. This is Jesus Christ. A suffering servant who was hated, envied, and slandered for being righteous, but GOD Almighty exalting King David and King Jesus Christ for their faithfulness and obedience to GOD Almighty.

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