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Questions of Faith: How can we increase our faith in GOD Almighty?

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How can we increase our faith in GOD Almighty?

King Jesus Christ told us that if we have faith, it can be able to increase like a mustard seed that grows to become one of the largest trees. Jesus Christ told us multiple times through the disciples and apostles of the need to have faith. We need to give our attention to GOD Almighty, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth. We need to learn that there is only the reality of GOD Almighty that He created. We know that through faith we are able to receive blessings of GOD Almighty and also spiritual gifts spoken of by Paul.

We learn that faith is able to realize the promises that GOD Almighty has already given us like He gave to Abraham. While Abraham did not see the promises immediately, he believed in GOD Almighty. Because of the faith of Abraham of believing GOD Almighty’s promises, GOD Almighty counts Abraham as a faithful individual and causes the promises to become a reality. This tells us believers that GOD Almighty is able to provide and realize the promises that GOD Almighty has told us from the beginning of creation to Abraham and even to Jesus Christ and the lineage of Israel that has faith.

Faith is able to acknowledge that GOD Almighty is a living GOD that is able to provide for our necessities and needs if we ask and speak to GOD Almighty in prayer. Prayer and faith go together because GOD Almighty is able to see that we l acknowledge His purpose like the forefathers and foremothers of Israel, the faithful believers, and even into Jesus Christ and the disciples and apostles and believers. We are able to learn that when we place our faith in GOD Almighty, GOD Almighty is able to help us and give us the ability to increase our faith.

We learn that there were individuals that were able to accomplish great deeds for GOD Almighty through their increase of faith. We learn that Moses was a man of faith and was able to accomplish great signs for the people of Israel and also lead the people of Israel out of Egypt. We learn that through Moses, GOD Almighty was able to take the people of Israel out of slavery into freedom. We learn that faith in the case of Moses and the people of Israel allowed for freedom to occur.

For David, we learn that faith was a path of life, a path of righteousness, and a path of salvation. GOD Almighty was able to provide for David even when there were difficulties that were occurring in the life of David. Even through the difficulties, afflictions, or persecution, David praised GOD Almighty, prayed, and asked for his faith to be increased. David is called a man after GOD’s own heart by GOD Almighty meaning that GOD Almighty considers David to be a faithful servant. We learn that like Moses, GOD Almighty is able to use David to increase the territory of Israel, vanquish the enemies and hostile nations that hated Israel, and unify the people to be able to acknowledge GOD Almighty as their GOD, and forsake idol worship.

Through Jesus Christ, we learn that the Son of GOD Almighty is able to teach us about faith. Jesus Christ is able to provide food for Israel when there is only a few loaves of bread and fish. We learn that Jesus Christ is able to give sight, hearing, and the ability to speak to those that were born without these senses. We learn that Jesus Christ is able to walk on water and calm a raging storm. We learn that Jesus Christ is able to prophesy about future events that have happened, are happening, and will happen. We learn that Jesus Christ is able to give hope to a nation that had let idolatry take away the blessings and peace that it had learned to cherish under faithful individuals like Moses and David through GOD Almighty’s protection and purpose.

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