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Questions of Faith: How is there freedom in the faith of Christianity?

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How is there freedom in the faith of Christianity?

We learn that GOD Almighty is able to be the source of freedom for those that have faith, belief, and acknowledge GOD Almighty, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth as the one True GOD. We are able to understand that through GOD Almighty, we have all our needs met and that the GOD of Creation is able to provide freedom. While the world wants to promise greater things than what GOD Almighty wants to give, we know as believers that these are only lies, deception, and deceit. Only GOD Almighty is able to give the greatest blessings for believers.

We learn that through the nation of Israel, GOD Almighty is able to provide freedom to a nation that had been in slavery. We learn that Israel is able to be freed from their captors in Egypt and be able to be given not only the promises that were promised by GOD Almighty to Abraham, but also the ability to have freedom. This shows us that GOD Almighty gives freedom.

Sin and idolatry attempt to cause individuals to have difficulties, take away freedom, and lead to a yoke of slavery. We learn that for this reason, Israel goes into exile and also experiences difficulties because of following the lies, deceit, and deception of idolatry. The lies of the snake that were given to Eve, did not result in a throne for Eve, in the ability to become a goddess, or the ability to gain any greater blessings than the paradise that GOD Almighty was giving Adam and Eve for being created. We learn that the lies, deceptions, and deceit are only that. They do not result in blessings. Only GOD Almighty is able to provide blessings and fulfill those blessings.

After sin was introduced through the breaking of the Ten Commandments, we learn that GOD Almighty sends the prophets to preach to the people the need to obey GOD Almighty. We are told that the prophets showed the grace of GOD Almighty wanting to have His people back in their land but that they needed to acknowledge GOD Almighty as the True GOD. They needed to obey GOD Almighty in order to received the blessings of the Promised Land, of renewed blessings, and the ability to have eternal life.

We learn that the prophets prophesy about the Son of GOD, Jesus Christ. We learn that the grace of GOD Almighty through Jesus Christ is foretold through the ability of the prophets to preach to the people repentance of sin. We learn that through Jesus Christ, GOD Almighty gives us freedom from fear, from sin, from evil, and from death. We learn that sin is destruction. We know that disobedience to GOD Almighty leads to destruction. We learn from the Scriptures that GOD Almighty loves those who obey GOD Almighty but hates those that are disobedient to GOD Almighty. We learn that we are able to be free from sin, evil, death, and fear through obedience to GOD Almighty through the Ten Commandments, faith in the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the strength and endurance received in the Spirit of Truth. We are liberated from the power of sin and given eternal life which defeats evil and death through the blood and testimony of King Jesus Christ. This is true freedom.

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