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Questions of Faith: What are prophecies that Jesus Christ stated that have already happened?

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What are prophecies that Jesus Christ stated that have already happened?

Jesus Christ has already prophesied several events that have taken place. While there are specific events that are still to happen, we learn that what Jesus Christ stated in the Gospel’s happened. The first example is the ability for the people to understand that the prophecies of Jesus Christ are also the prophecies of the prophets and the prophecies given of the blessings of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We have to understand that Jesus Christ stated that He would be able to provide for His people, but they needed to have faith and learn to repent of their sins.

We learn that Jesus Christ was able to say that He was going to heal the injured, feed the people, provide for His believers, and He fulfilled the words of the prophets seven hundred years after Isaiah, six hundred years after Jeremiah, five hundred years after Ezekiel and Daniel. This refers to the ability of Jesus Christ to fulfill the prophecies of the prophets and also being able to prophecy about future events. While Jesus Christ is a fulfillment of the prophecies of the prophets, Jesus Christ also is able to provide prophecies.

We learn that Jesus Christ prophesies about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We learn that the death and resurrection is prophesied when He is talking to the Pharisees and tells them that the temple would be destroyed and in three days, it would be built up. We learn that Jesus Christ was showing the people that He was the Messiah of the people of Israel and the world. This allows us to see that this was realized when GOD Almighty resurrects Jesus Christ and He appears to His believers to preach salvation. Paul states that greater than five hundred people were able to attest to seeing Jesus Christ resurrected. Paul being another individual that also sees Jesus Christ among the disciples and apostles. We learn that Jesus Christ told the disciples that they would receive the Spirit of Truth when Jesus Christ was going to go to the Right Hand Side of the Father in Heaven. We learn that when Jesus Christ ascends to Heaven, we learn that we are told that Jesus Christ would give the Spirit of Truth to help the disciples and apostles in preaching the Gospel. We learn that the disciples and the apostles are given the ability to speak in different languages when the Spirit of Truth is with them. Individuals from different regions are able to hear the glories and works of GOD Almighty through the preaching in different languages through the Spirit of Truth.

We learn that the next prophecy is that Jesus Christ states that the disciples and the apostles were going to be able to preach the Gospel to Israel and to the world. We learn that Peter accomplishes this along with the disciples and apostles, while Paul and other disciples and apostles are able to preach outside of Israel. We learn that Paul travels and writes letters to Corinth, Galatia, and even to Jerusalem. This tells us that what Jesus Christ stated has already happened.

We learn that Jesus Christ prophesies about the destruction of the second temple. We learn that in the scattering of 70 A.D. we learn that the temple is destroyed. After Paul and Peter are no longer preaching, the second temple is destroyed. The Jewish people are scattered to regions outside of Israel due to the difficulties and judgment on sin from GOD Almighty.

For this reason, we learn that Jesus Christ spoke truth and His word is most important in these specific times. We know that Jesus Christ prophesied that there were going to be other events that were going to happen prior and during the end times. We are not to be anxious, but we are to know that Jesus Christ prophesied previous events that have already happened, and are going to be begin to happen.

For this reason, it is important to place our hope and faith in King Jesus Christ prior to the start of the those events prophesied by King Jesus Christ in the Gospel and Revelation.

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