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GOD’s Steadfast Love for Israel and the World

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GOD’s Steadfast Love for Israel and the World

We learn that in Scriptures, we know that GOD Almighty created humanity to be able to enjoy paradise and not have to worry about disobedience, sin, and the consequences of sin. Adam and Eve were given paradise without requiring from them anything but obedience. We learn that they were given paradise and even the ability to name the plants, animals, and creation that GOD Almighty had created.

It was until Eve heard the lies of the snake and believed them that disobedience was seen in humanity. We were able to see that the lies, deceit, and deception attempted to separate us from the steadfast love of GOD Almighty, King Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth. We learn that Eve listens to the lies of the snake that tell her that she would be her own goddess, would have her own throne, and be equal to GOD Almighty. To these lies, Eve believes and eats of the forbidden fruit. We learn that the snake is not able to provide the promises to Eve and only relishes in the separation of Eve from paradise.

We learn that this event causes humans to have to go through the difficulties of life. There is sin, there are the consequences of sin, and there is the reality that lies, deceit, and falsehood are integrated into some human beings life. We learn that while sin occurs, GOD Almighty still cares for Adam and Eve and their descendants. We learn that GOD Almighty loves us and that He continues to loves us.

Even when there was that separation that occurred, GOD Almighty looked to protect and provide for us seen in the righteous individuals from Noah to Lot to Abraham. GOD Almighty did not forget about the righteous individuals and gives blessings and protection to allow us to understand the distinction between the righteous and the wicked. We learn that Abraham’s faith is counted as righteous and he is allowed to obtain the blessings that GOD Almighty promised to him.

GOD Almighty attempted to reconcile us through Abraham and his descendants through the covenant of faith, repentance of sin, and following GOD Almighty’s instruction. We learn that while this was started and continued initially, we learn that it is through faithful individuals that we see the good examples. We are able to see that the righteous are loved by GOD Almighty. We are able to see that GOD Almighty cares for us and wants us to be protected and cared for by GOD Almighty seen in the nation of Israel.

Prophets are sent to preach repentance of sin. Jesus Christ is made human and preaches repentance of sin. The Son of GOD dies on the cross after fulfilling the words of the prophets. GOD Almighty resurrects Jesus Christ and gives Jesus Christ the resurrection power that gives Jesus Christ eternal life. Now Jesus Christ is able to give believers resurrection power and eternal life. We learn that through this atoning sacrifice, Jesus Christ is the only individual to survive death and be resurrected. Jesus Christ is able to give us eternal life, hope, and peace. We are also given the Spirit of Truth to know what is truth, know what we are supposed to do as believers, and follow the purpose of GOD Almighty. This speaks to the love of GOD Almighty to believers.

While the snake promised Eve a throne, Eve only received difficulties from following the snake. Abraham and Sarah were given offspring, a nation, kings in the his lineage, the Promised Land of Canaan, protection, and the ability to know that GOD Almighty was going to be Abraham’s GOD and his descendants GOD. To this, we see that only GOD Almighty can give blessings, provide those blessings, and even give His only Son to give us not only material blessings and earthly blessings, but eternal blessings.

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