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Paul Reproves the Church of Corinth

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Paul Reproves the Church of Corinth

We learn from Scripture that Paul is able to change from being a persecutor of the Church to become a true Christian believer that preaches across the world. We learn that while Peter is able to preach in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria in Israel, Paul is allowed to preach in the province of Galatia with churches in Antioch, Lystra, and Iconium. We know that Paul is an important individual not only in the importance of fulfilling the purpose of GOD Almighty but also for strengthening believers and giving Christians the ability to understand the truth of GOD Almighty.

Through Paul’s writings, we are able to get hope and faith in remembering the promises that GOD Almighty has already given us through Abraham and Jesus Christ. We are reminded of the blessings that GOD Almighty has already promised to us and that are true blessings. We learn that like Abraham, if we have the ability to have faith in the promises of GOD Almighty, we are able to realize those promises of GOD Almighty. We learn that Paul was able to realize the promises of GOD Almighty by being able to help build up churches in different countries and cities.

We learn that even while Paul was preaching about the need for faith in Jesus Christ to gain eternal life, we learn that Paul also reproves and tells people to repent of sin. To the church in Corinth, Paul tells the individuals the need to stop speaking controversies or participating in causing division. Paul tells the church to stop practicing sexual immorality and idol worship. We are reminded that Scripture is important, but we also have to not only understand Scripture but also avoid false philosophies to prevent us from practicing sin. We learn that Paul tells individuals to stop practicing sin and also to know that sin leads to destruction. GOD Almighty is able to judge sin and destroy those individuals that practice sin as a lifestyle.

We learn from the Chaldean exile that this was the judgment from GOD Almighty against those that practiced sin as a lifestyle. GOD Almighty did not spare Jewish individuals simply for being born Jewish. There is the need to be pure and faithful to GOD Almighty in order to avoid the destruction of sin and the judgment of GOD Almighty against sin. The first Chaldean exile was an example of the judgment of GOD Almighty against sin. We learn that the second exile or scattering that happened during the time of Paul’s and Peter’s generation was also due to the judgment against sin and the lifestyle of sin.

Paul was important in not only preaching the Scriptures but also offering the ability for individuals to repent of sin and to stop sinning. We know that sin can cause destruction and be judged by GOD Almighty. We are to remind our brothers and sisters to avoid the practice of sin because sin leads to destruction and as Peter states that sin wages war against the soul. This means that the Ten Commandments are meant to serve as a shield and protection from the consequences of sin. We are reminded in the writings of Paul and Peter that the Spirit of Truth is guiding us to be faithful to GOD Almighty to not only be protected but to receive the blessings of GOD Almighty.

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