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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Fifteen “Paul, Letter to the Ephesians, and New Life”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the steadfast love of GOD Almighty, King Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth. We are given new life. Paul writes to the church in Ephesus in reminding them about the truth in Scripture and the need for faith in King Jesus Christ.

We learn that Paul goes into detail about the importance of the death and Resurrection of King Jesus Christ. No other belief is similar to the truth of Scripture. This is a reminder that only King Jesus Christ gives eternal life.

We learn that through King Jesus Christ we have not only an eternal intercessor, temple, atoning sacrifice, high priest, and King, but the steadfast love of GOD Almighty, grace, and faithfulness. Through King Jesus Christ we have our spiritual needs from the Spirit of Truth that King Jesus Christ sends. We are reminded of the Lamb that is a Shepherd that leads by example.

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