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The Suffering Servant and the Conquering King of kings

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The Suffering Servant and the Conquering King of kings

When Jesus Christ is sent to earth to help humanity learn about the Scriptures, reconcile humanity to GOD Almighty, and provide an example of truth, we learn that Jesus Christ represents King David. Jesus Christ is part with GOD Almighty and the Spirit of Truth, yet He decides to take on the role of a servant by going to the people of Samaria, Judea, and Jerusalem and preach about the kingdom of Heaven.

We learn that Jesus Christ not only preaches, but gives hope about the need to have faith in GOD Almighty in order to have eternal life. Jesus Christ tells us that we need to have belief in the works of GOD Almighty in order to be able to see the workings of GOD Almighty. We learn that Jesus Christ is a man of faith similar to David being able to provide fish and bread to those that were hearing his sermons, healing the sick, and calming a storm.

We learn that when Jesus Christ is required, He helps in any manner that He can help humanity. When a party runs out of wine, Jesus Christ is able to turn the water into wine to allow the individuals to continue celebrating. Jesus Christ wants us to live in joy and celebrate in our hope in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ does not want us to see life as gloom, but as hopeful in knowing that we have so much to give thanks to GOD Almighty. We have spiritual gifts of the Spirit of Truth that are from Jesus Christ if we choose to believe in Jesus Christ.

We see the suffering servant decided to take our own cross and our own shame and nail them to the cross. Jesus Christ was able to take away our guilt, condemnation, and pain and provide us with joy, happiness, and reconciliation to GOD Almighty. This allows us to see that Jesus Christ humbles himself to GOD Almighty to save those individuals in humanity who were going to believe in Jesus Christ. Because Jesus Christ is able to humble himself for the sake of GOD Almighty’s glory, we learn that Jesus Christ is resurrected on the third day and given eternal life.

Through Jesus Christ, we are able to have eternal life and resurrection power. We know that the suffering servant role of Jesus Christ has been completed two thousand years ago. We know that with the resurrection, Jesus Christ is given a seat to the Right Hand Side of the Father with authority. We learn that Jesus Christ is going to return based on the word of GOD in the books of the disciples and Revelation. We learn that we are to remain hopeful knowing that Jesus Christ is now the conquering King of kings. We are to learn that King Jesus Christ is the Messiah that was prophesied that would give believers abundance, a New Earth, New Heavens, and the ability to enjoy eternal life. For this, we are to have faith in the promises of the prophets, Jesus Christ, and the disciples and apostles along with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Moses, David, and faithful individuals in the Scriptures.

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