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Belief, Faith, and Grace

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Belief, Faith, and Grace

Throughout our lives, we learn that there are two paths that we can take. We learn from the Scriptures that King David speaks in the first Psalm about the two different paths that individuals can take. There is the path of the righteous and the path of the wicked. We learn that King David experiences difficulties that cause him to learn about the two different paths.

We learn that King David looks to only follow the path of righteous and only looks to praise GOD Almighty. Through David, Israel is able to increase in blessings since David only looks to serve GOD Almighty and His people. We learn that David is able to accomplish great decisions and glorify GOD Almighty. We also know that David goes through difficulty for a specific amount of time due to the individuals that decided to follow the path of the wicked. We know that David prays and writes praises to GOD Almighty in the Psalms showing GOD Almighty that David will not turn to wickedness and wants to be far away from wickedness. David continues living a life of purity, belief, and faith in GOD Almighty.

We learn that David continues moving forward through the difficulties being able to praise GOD Almighty and seeing GOD Almighty’s blessings and protection. We learn that David is able to continue writing Psalms and continue praising GOD Almighty through the opposition, difficulty, and persecution. David loves GOD Almighty and is able to show his love through steadfast faith. This is the type of faith that GOD Almighty wanted from the wilderness generation. David’s faith is an example of the type of faith that GOD loves.

David is able to continue serving GOD Almighty and for this, GOD Almighty exalts David. We learn that while David is only a servant of GOD Almighty, a shepherd, and defeater of giants, GOD Almighty exalts him to become the king of Israel to lead the people of Israel to righteousness. We learn that Saul is no longer given favor for disobeying GOD Almighty, not listening to the prophet of GOD Almighty, and for hating the servant of GOD Almighty.

We learn that there are individuals that may turn to wickedness, but we are to hope and trust in the faith of GOD Almighty that tells us that we are not to fear. Even when there are times of testing, we learn that we are to trust in GOD Almighty. There is no greater refuge, protection, and defense than the faithfulness of GOD Almighty for those that truly believe in GOD Almighty. David calls GOD Almighty a refuge, a rock, and a stronghold. We are reminded of this.

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