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King Jesus Christ is an Everlasting Temple

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Jesus Christ is an Everlasting Temple

We learn that in the writings of Paul we are reminded that King Jesus Christ is the foundation of our life. We are to build upon Jesus Christ’s teachings, faith, steadfast love, grace, and wisdom. We know that we can only obtain peace and joy through the belief in Jesus Christ. There may be worldly ideas that tell otherwise but are not able to provide the blessings of GOD Almighty, King Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth.

We learn from the writings of Paul that Jesus Christ is the foundation that we build our spiritual lives. We are able to grow in Jesus Christ like He allowed the prophets and the disciples and apostles to grow. We learn that through the ability to grow through Jesus Christ, we learn how everything works together for the good of the Kingdom of Heaven and for the good of believers.

We learn from the prophets that GOD Almighty states that Jesus Christ would be a cornerstone that would be able to build up, but also able to be a stumbling block or a rock of offense to those that do not believe in GOD Almighty. We learn that David calls GOD Almighty a rock, a refuge, and a sanctuary. GOD Almighty is able to protect us under the shelter of His wings. We learn that because of this, we are reminded that GOD Almighty, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth are able to provide refuge and build believers up.

We also learn that Jesus Christ builds us up as individuals and also as members of the church of Jesus Christ where Jesus Christ is the head of the Church of Jesus Christ. We are members of the church of GOD Almighty for believing in Jesus Christ with all our heart, mind, soul, being, and strength. We are able to learn that GOD Almighty wants us to worship GOD Almighty and to teach and preach other individuals about the truth of life. The Scriptures are truth and allow us to realize that Jesus Christ is protection, a refuge, and a stronghold.

Jesus Christ is a temple that allows us to be able to pray to GOD Almighty, and Jesus Christ is able to intercede for us to GOD Almighty. We are not to be afraid of Jesus Christ or GOD Almighty because they love us. Believers have nothing to be afraid of being reminded in the Scriptures that GOD Almighty tells us not to be in dread and Jesus Christ telling us not to be anxious. We know that because of this Jesus Christ is the everlasting temple that has torn the veil and allowed believers to share with Jesus Christ the faith in order to be glorified in the future in a similar manner that Jesus Christ is glorified by GOD Almighty for obeying GOD Almighty.

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