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Revelation Tells Believers of GOD Almighty’s Love, Protection, and Justice

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Revelation Tells Believers of GOD Almighty’s Love and Protection and Justice

We learn that when we read Revelation initially, there are a large number of symbols and metaphors and allegories that may not allow us to understand everything right away. If we ask the Spirit of Truth to allow us the ability to understand the Scriptures, we are able to know the meaning behind specific words or have specific understanding in the book of Revelation. We know that as believers, we are not to fear because we have been saved by King Jesus Christ, are given grace by GOD Almighty, and we are not destined for wrath because we accept King Jesus Christ’s atoning sacrifice for our sins.

We are able to understand that even with the difficulties described in Revelation, we learn that GOD Almighty shows His steadfast love for those that are His. GOD Almighty loves those that He has redeemed and chosen before the foundation of the world. Jeremiah is reminded that GOD Almighty had been called and chosen and faithful prior being born. GOD Almighty tells us that He called Jeremiah before Jeremiah was born and allowed him to obtain grace. GOD Almighty also told Jeremiah that he would be a prophet. We learn that Jeremiah becomes a prophet. We know that those that are the elect of GOD Almighty, are protected by GOD Almighty even through difficulties seen in King David’s Psalms.

We learn that in Revelation, GOD Almighty is able to provide protection and love to those that are of GOD Almighty. Those that are not of GOD Almighty are supposed to fear and repent of their sins and have faith in GOD Almighty prior to the events of the Great Tribulation spoken in Revelation. We learn that GOD Almighty reminds us that whether through Rapture or Persecution, GOD Almighty is going to save us and redeem us if we continue to have faith in GOD Almighty. Our spiritual salvation is all that we can take from this life and only King Jesus Christ is able to provide eternal life. Only through King Jesus Christ are we able to obtain eternal life.

We learn that John is able to see King Jesus Christ in the vision of Revelation. While John is in exile for preaching the Gospel of GOD Almighty and not renouncing his faith, John is segregated into the island of Patmos. John endures and is able to be given the Revelation of Jesus Christ showing that Jesus Christ sees our afflictions and allows us to be a part of GOD Almighty’s love even when going through difficulties for preaching, praising, and worshiping the name of King Jesus Christ.

We are able to see that GOD Almighty wants us to continue. We are given hope to continue regardless of the difficulties because GOD Almighty is able to see everything that is happening in life. GOD Almighty is Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent, among other qualities that the human mind cannot understand. Even through difficulties, we are able to share in the future glory that GOD Almighty provides to those that are faithful to the Gospel, the word of the Prophets, and the truth of the Revelation. We are to remain faithful to GOD Almighty, King Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of Truth.

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