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Resurrection Radio Podcast: Episode Seventeen “GOD Almighty’s Protection for True Christians and Psalm 37”

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In this episode of Resurrection Radio Podcast, we learn about the protection of GOD Almighty for those that are true believers. We learn that GOD Almighty is able to protect David from his enemies because of David’s trust in GOD Almighty. We also know that David is righteous.

Psalm 37 reminds us that GOD Almighty is in control of everything that happens on the world. We are not to fear because even when the world is trying to lie, deceive, and say deception, we know we serve the GOD of Truth and gives us the Spirit of Truth through King Jesus Christ. We know that we are to have faith in the truth of the Scriptures.

When we are not sure of ourselves, we need to make sure to trust and have faith in King Jesus Christ who wrote history, is revealing to us the history that is already written, and know that King Jesus Christ already triumphed in the Resurrection. We learn that King Jesus Christ has the name above all names. King Jesus Christ is seated at the Right Hand Side of GOD Almighty awaiting to return to judge.

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